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    Border Security: Accept No Substitutes

    Border Security: Accept No Substitutes

    By Christopher G. Adamo
    May 31, 2007

    Heartland America breathed a premature sigh of relief when the Senate's ill conceived "immigration reform" (read: amnesty for illegals) bill was not ramrodded through the legislative process as quickly as its proponents originally intended. Yet the most dangerous time for America is still ahead.

    Various amendments are being considered in an effort to make it sufficiently palatable to one opposing group or another, the long-term goal being that they might ultimately give it their support, or at least mute their opposition to it. But beneath any veneer, the bill's actual objective of amnesty remains intact.

    Sadly, a requisite level of cynicism is necessary in order to make any sense out of the seemingly insane direction in which the Bush Administration and the Congress are attempting to take the country, since neither is dealing honestly and revealing their true intentions. To properly grasp the political gymnastics currently taking place inside the Beltway, the end goal must be identified.

    Regardless of any flowery rhetoric, the ugly reality is that Democrats desire a massive influx of new voters, while Republicans seek to please their big business supporters with a cheap and pliable labor force. All other reasons and excuses offered for the bill are either ancillary or completely fraudulent.

    The last thing that anyone among the Washington elite has any intention of allowing is some action that might infringe, even to the tiniest degree, on the continual inflow of cheap labor that enriches the corporate donors of one party or the dependency class that empowers the other. And despite Washington's initial retreat from this position during the past week, an unabated stream of illegals remains their ultimate objective.

    The only thing that may have changed in the minds of those pushing this devastating agenda is that they now recognize a need to more cleverly camouflage their intentions. But in the end, both parties are every bit as convinced that they can better their political fortunes as they were prior to the massive public outcry against them.

    Senate Republicans are currently attempting to properly position themselves in such a manner as to allow the bill to pass, while diverting any backlash towards the Democrats. Not surprisingly, Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi in a virtually identical tactic is insisting that she will not work for House passage unless at least seventy Republicans sign on.

    The only manner in which Pelosi believes she can reap the benefits of passage without paying a political price is to cast the bill as a "bipartisan effort." And as is always the case, "bipartisanship" inside D.C. means the rest of America loses.

    Worst of all is that neither party has any intention of dealing with border security, the real issue needing to be addressed, and the only avenue of actually confronting the illegal invasion. Regardless of forthright sounding platitudes of securing the border, the dirty little secret is that both sides benefit not from just the immediate amnesty of twenty million illegals already here, but from a continued and unabated influx of new arrivals.

    Nor should anyone accept the straw dog of a "guest worker program." In case anybody has not been in the vicinity of a construction site lately, our nation already has a "guest worker program" that is working as well as it ever will. The only result of an officially sanctioned guest worker program is that its participants would be even more emboldened in their demands for social services, and the ethically bankrupt political class would be more inclined to accommodate them.

    What the open borders advocates well know, but are not saying, is that although the twelve to twenty million illegals already in this country are more than sufficient to do any job Americans ostensibly will not do, those individuals have no intention of doing so interminably at their current meager pay. So in order for businesses to maintain the downward pressure on wages, new arrivals must continually be brought in.

    Thus, any bill labeled "comprehensive" will amount to a multitude of impressive sounding measures seemingly aimed at stopping the influx of illegals, with some version of amnesty lurking in the fine print. But this merely is an old trick that the Congress often uses in order to implement otherwise unacceptable legislation. When the time comes to fund the border enforcement provisions, no monies will be provided.

    Our nation is on the verge of "Balkanizing," and does not need a massive new constituency to assert "rights" and stress a racial/ethnic identity that bears no commonality with the principles on which our nation was founded. Far from fixing anything, this measure would accelerate every adverse effect of the illegal invasion. And among those who knowingly support it, that is precisely the intention.

    Former President Bill Clinton, who clearly had no interest in, or concept of national security, never considered that the "politically correct" games he played, both here and abroad, would ultimately lead to 9-11. Nevertheless, that horrible and inevitable day of reckoning arrived.

    Similarly, the political elites who now promote amnesty under the phony banner of "Comprehensive Immigration Reform," show their total lack of understanding of, or respect for America's sovereignty and heritage, by their willingness to so thoroughly decimate such things as they pursue this course.

    They remain intentionally oblivious to the far-reaching harm that most certainly will descend upon America if this legislation passes. But as surely as the Twin Towers fell, this nation will pay an awful price for the betrayal and abandonment of every ethic and principle of national survival that it represents.

    Two of the best known "prophesies" of doom for America are those of Alexander Tyler, who warned of the symbiotic malignancies of an expanding government and the dependent class it generates, and Nikita Khrushchev, who asserted that amoral businesses would sell out America's future for their own financial gain. The stark and alarming truth is that the amnesty bill encapsulates the direst aspects of both.

    America's very future hangs in the balance. Though a seemingly Herculean task, the only remaining option for Americans who want to have a nation to pass on to their posterity is to make whatever noise is necessary to stop the amnesty bill, and then systematically replace every politician who betrayed the country by supporting it in the first place.


    Christopher G. Adamo is a freelance writer and staff writer for the New Media Alliance. He lives in southeastern Wyoming. He has been active in local and state politics for many years. His contact information and archives can be found at ... 5311.shtml
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    I don't know what it's going to take to get Congress to realize that this country does not want comprehensive immigration reform, we want our borders secured and our laws enforced, and employer accountability. If these things were done, within a few years we would see a vast difference in the influx of illegal immigrants. Because the solution is so simple, our government can't see it.
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