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    Bradley County (TN) 37 illegals handed over to ICE this year

    Bradley County Turns 3 More Illegal Aliens Over To ICE
    posted October 1, 2008

    The Bradley County Sheriff’s Office has identified three more illegal aliens that were incarcerated in the Bradley County Jail and today were turned over to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents for deportation, Sheriff Tim Gobble said.

    He said the number of illegal aliens that have been turned over to ICE this year for deportation has risen to 37.

    Last week Sheriff Gobble announced Bradley County has joined the Criminal Alien Program that will "accelerate and increase the process of identifying illegal aliens that are brought to the jail for incarceration."

    The CAP program allows the correction staff in the Bradley County jail’s booking office to check the immigration status of all new inmates. As a normal part of the booking process, correction officers will ask all inmates a number of questions such as where they were born and if they are a United States citizen. If the officer suspects the person being booked is here illegally or that their immigration status is questionable, an inquiry will begin to obtain more information about the individual, it was stated.

    Those with questionable legal status have their names faxed to ICE for computer records checks and status verification.

    If ICE cannot verify legal status, the individual is assumed to be here illegally and ICE will issue a federal detainer and forward it to the BCSO. This allows the BCSO to hold these individuals after their court proceedings are over and/or sentence is served, it was stated.

    Sheriff Gobble said, “I am strongly opposed to illegal immigration. It is important for all immigrants desiring citizenship to come here legally. It is also imperative that the federal government reduce the immigration bureaucracy and streamline a legal immigration process that promotes lawful entry into this country instead of discouraging it.â€

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    Another Real American Sheriff takes a stand

    Thank You Sheriff Gobble

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