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    no wonder latin america wants less to do with Mexico

    Why is it every other country in latin america but Mexico knows and is taught that the U.S. did not steal Mexico from them but bought it from them. Mexico asked 4 nations out of latin america-only 4 to help Mexico in their so-called "unite to fight" against their border fence bill. If Mexico is as united as they claim to be with latin america, then why is it they only asked central america, 1 nation in south america-colombia( which has too many problems of it's own) and the dominican republic for support on this issue? Why ask the poorest and most uneducated countries in latin america to help you(mexico)? Obviously there is a reason why they only asked certain countries(mainly the countries whose leaders signed cafta) in latin america to unite with them. I personally can't stand to hear Mexico's claims that latin america as a whole(when they only asked central america, brazil, the dominican republic, and colombia) is uniting with them against the border fence proposal. They did not ask Chile(richest and most prospering country in latin america), argentina, uruguay, etc for help. I wonder why? Could it be because those countries are not exporting their poor to the U.S.- but instead are trying to better their nations? Of course. Mexico has become the laughing stock in spain as well as the westernized latin american nations. They are definitely getting desperate. Not only that but Mexico has been the Benedict Arnold of latin america.

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    Excellent point Sonali and thank you so much for this insight and information. I think Mexico has lost respect, because they are Moochers and Whiners and are now Interfering with our democrcy.

    Mexico has all on its own ruined its friendship with the best friend it ever had, the American People.

    Good Bye Mexico.

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