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    Bullet found On UT-Brownsville Campus Possibly Mexico Gunfir

    Bullet found On UT-Brownsville Campus Possibly Mexico Gunfire

    Posted: 11:53 am MDT September 17, 2010
    BROWNSVILLE, Texas -- Police at the University of Texas-Brownsville said a stray bullet found on campus may have come from gunfire in Mexico.

    The discovery comes after students living in dorms reported hearing what sounded like machine guns firing across the Rio Grande earlier this week. That led to university police urging students to stay in their rooms.

    Juan Cardoza, the police chief for UT-Brownsville and Texas Southmost College, said ballistic testing on the stray bullet found Tuesday is under way.

    University spokeswoman Amy Lynch told The Brownsville Herald that it's too early to tell if the bullet came from gunfire in Matamoros.

    Last month, at least one stray bullet from a weekend shootout in Mexico hit a building at the University of Texas-El Paso.

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    Stray bullet found at UTB
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    September 16, 2010 9:53 PM
    By JAZMINE ULLOA, The Brownsville Herald

    UTB-TSC officials confirmed Thursday that a stray bullet was found this week in the courtyard of the Science, Technology and Engineering Building on campus. Campus police said they do not know its origin but have not ruled out the possibility it could have come from gunfire in Mexico.

    A female student found the slug at 11 a.m. Tuesday and handed it to a professor in her morning class the next day, said Amy Lynch, spokeswoman for the University of Texas at Brownsville and Texas Southmost College.

    "There is no way to know at this time whether it is connected with incidents in Mexico," she said.

    Juan Cardoza, UTB-TSC police chief, said ballistics tests are in progress and should shed light on the type of weapon that fired the bullet, including the caliber. Beyond that it becomes difficult, he said.

    "It’s a hypothetical," he said. "But we are looking into all avenues."

    The discovery of the bullet on campus follows a series of gun battles that erupted in Matamoros for about two hours starting late Monday night and then sporadically on Tuesday. More than 25 people, including two Mexican marines, were killed, according to a source in Mexico familiar with criminal activity there. He asked not to be identified because of security concerns.

    Early Tuesday morning, students living in UTB-TSC dorms near the border said they heard what sounded like rapid fire coming from machine guns.

    Lynch said the campus police department and the business affairs office have been working to organize a personal safety-training program for students. The program is open to all students but targeted specifically at those who live on campus or stay late on school grounds, such as at the REK center or the library.

    "It is not directly in connection with this incident," Lynch said. But the program does include information on emergency response to events such as shootings.

    The courtyard where the bullet was found is located more than 2.5 miles from the Rio Grande. A bullet coming from Matamoros would have had to travel over or through several building to reach it. But a ballistics expert said it was possible.

    Greg Karim, an independent firearms examiner in Austin, said a round from a simple .22 long rifle could travel up to a mile and half. Other bullets can fly farther, depending on the gun, ammunition and angle trajectory of where it was fired from, he said.

    "An examination of the bullet could lead to a list of possible types of firearms that fired it," Karim said. "You can tell a lot of things from examining the bullet and examining the impact site." ... texas.html

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