It seems the nutty idea of making it eas ier for illegal immigrants to travel un fettered didn’t die with former Gov. Eliot Spitzer’s drivers-licenses-for-undocumented-workers plan last year.

Several immigration-rights groups rallied recently at Penn Station to protest greater overall travel ID rules.

Upset also that the Border Patrol is upping its oversight of long-distance train and bus routes, activists complain that Amtrak and Greyhound should be warning illegals that they risk deportation by boarding US buses and trains after they’ve made it across the border!

Who knew it was the responsibility of companies to warn that illegal immigration is - surprise! - illegal?

Nearly seven years after 9/11, do these activists really think enhanced ID and security on interstate travel is a bad thing?

(Guess they’ve made the answer to that question pretty clear.)

If anything, it’s remarkable that better security wasn’t implemented on buses, trains and, uh, planes years ago.

Say, seven years.

Compromised national security isn’t the only problem attached to illegal immigration - but it is a major one.

Legal citizens and residents should be assured that the government is doing its best to know who is traveling in the air and on public rails and roadways.

In any event, no one should be in the business of making it easier for illegal immigrants to move into and around the US without restriction.