This article is nothing most of us do not know, but the rest of America, and Texas need to WAKE UP.

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Fort Worth Star-Telegram
July 22, 2006
Bud Kennedy wrote in his Tuesday column ('Notes from Conspiracy HQ') that some people see the Trans-Texas Corridor 'as part of a sinister plot to merge Canada, Mexico and the United States into a 'North American Union.'' Well, that's exactly what it could do.

President Bush, Mexican President Vicente Fox and Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin announced in Waco on March 23, 2005, the establishment of the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America (SPPNA). This plan would integrate the infrastructure, security and ultimately the economies of the three nations. The SPPNA would mean the free flow of goods, services and people.

That's why Bush won't secure America's borders.

If you like the idea of illegal, taxpayer-subsidized labor from Mexico, you'll love this concept -- an unending flow of unskilled, low-wage workers looking for a better life with no worries about cumbersome immigration laws.

The Council on Foreign Relations, with which Bush seems to agree, has recommended the creation of permanent tribunals that could overrule U.S. courts to resolve trade disputes among the three nations. This is scary stuff.

Wake up, Americans. Bush seems to be following these recommendations.

We don't need infrastructure owned and managed by overseas companies.

Della Coffman, Weatherford

Because Monday's public hearing in Fort Worth by the Texas Department of Transportation on the Trans-Texas Corridor was well-funded by taxpayers and perfectly orchestrated, it might have seemed it was about including local residents in the process. But one must not be deceived.

This is not just about building 'a toll road from Gainesville to Seguin.'

As an enormous amount of traffic would move through this '$184 billion boondoggle,' transporting goods (and illegal aliens) between Mexico, Central and South America and Canada, Texans would be left eating dust -- merely another notch in the belts of the globalists and internationalists with their one-world agenda.

An estimated 580,000 acres of privately owned land would become state land and be removed from the tax rolls. Private ownership would be threatened when the state uses eminent domain to acquire the land. Agricultural land will be destroyed. The peace and tranquility of rural communities will be forever changed.

For the politicians who created this monster, the sound of TTC fits in nicely with NAFTA, CAFTA, FTAA and the most recent agreement with Mexico and Canada, SPPNA (Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America).

It's time for Texans to wake up and learn about plans to forever change the face of Texas. Foreign control of our national highway system is unacceptable. Become informed and contact your representatives. Urge them to stop this project.

Stand up for Texas before it's too late. No Trans-Texas Corridor!

Marianne Alderman, Willow Park

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