Agents rescue abandoned man from car's hot trunk

EAST COUNTY: Border Patrol agents in Calexico rescued a man from inside a sweltering car trunk where he had been abandoned by a smuggler Monday, authorities said.

Agents saw a man illegally enter the United States from Mexico about 10 p.m., then lost sight of him, a U.S. Customs and Border Protection official said. While agents were looking for the man, they came upon another man and detained him after finding that he had been arrested before for smuggling.

While detained, the man reportedly made no mention of anyone being locked in a car trunk.

At nearly midnight, a passer-by told border agents that someone was yelling for help from inside the trunk of a parked Dodge Neon. Agents pulled down the back seat and freed a man inside who was soaked in sweat and near heat exhaustion, authorities said. Agents said they verified that the man they had in custody had put the victim in the trunk. –P.R. ... bsafe.html