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    CA-Anti-illegal immigration groups protest Mexican consulate

    Anti-illegal immigration groups protest Mexican consulate

    The Orange County Register
    September 29, 2009

    After reports of suspected corruption at a Mexican Consulate in Dallas, a local group rallied this morning at Santa Ana consulate office

    SANTA ANA Holding signs that say Mexican officials and their people are corrupt, members of Latino Americans for Immigration Reform rallied in front of the Mexican Consulate this morning – one of several rallies that began after media reports of suspected corruption at a consular office in Texas.

    "I do believe the same thing that's happened in Dallas is the same thing happening here," said Lupe Moreno, president of the anti-illegal immigration organization.

    The Mexican Consulate's press officer was not immediately available for comment.

    About 10 people showed up to a 7 a.m. protest in front of the Mexican Consulate's office in Santa Ana.

    The first protest was Aug. 22, after the Dallas Morning News reported that Mexican leaders in Dallas had called for a national investigation of Mexican consulates across the United States.

    The announcement came in the wake of an investigation into suspected financial irregularities at the consulate in Dallas, according to the news report, which cited Mexican officials.

    The investigation triggered the pending departure of Consul General Enrique Hubbard who took over the Dallas position more than two years ago, according to the report.

    Mexican officials are investigating a suspected passport scheme that over a seven-year period robbed the Mexican government of tens of thousands of dollars in fees, according to the Dallas Morning News.

    Moreno, whose organization has about 50 members, said the corruption allegations in Dallas add more fodder to calling for an end to illegal immigration.

    "If the government is corrupt, the infrastructure is corrupt," Moreno said. "The people are corrupt, too, and they bring their corruption with them. If they weren't corrupt they wouldn't be here illegally."

    Contact the writer: 949-553-2906 or ... estigation

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    Moreno, whose organization has about 50 members, said the corruption allegations in Dallas add more fodder to calling for an end to illegal immigration.
    WOW, how refreshing!

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    I have to chuckle. Latinos against other Latinos. Apparently their unified front taking over this country is showing a crack here.
    Keep us posted.
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    From what I have seen and heard Lupe Moreno is one brave lady.
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    WOW, this is great and what you call a true American patriot, looking out first for country, instead of race!
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