No wonder many people don't vote. Sometimes a judge overturns it and/or sleezy politicians void it.

Updated 6:09 pm, Monday, September 15, 2014

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — Gov. Jerry Brown has signed a bill deleting unenforceable provisions of a state law that denied social services to immigrants who are in California illegally.

Brown's office on Monday announced he had signed SB396, which purges remnants of a 1994 voter-approved ballot initiative.

Proposition 187 was never implemented after courts found it unconstitutional, but the language remained in statute two decades later.

Democratic state Sen. Kevin de Leon of Los Angeles introduced SB396 shortly before the 20th anniversary of the initiative's passage, amending a failed firearms bill. He says SB396 removes the "mean-spirited" and "xenophobic" measure from state law.

Proposition 187 inspired de Leon and other Latino activists to become involved in politics.

Some Republican lawmakers said the Legislature lacked the power to remove voter-approved language from state law.