Can It Be? Are Our Newest Heroes Bill Richardson And Janet Napolitano?

By Joe Guzzardi

Are governors Bill Richardson and Janet Napolitano sincere in their declarations that New Mexico and Arizona are in an "emergency" because of illegal aliens? That’s the question that is on everyone’s mind.


Whether Richardson and Napolitano are motivated by a sincere desire to protect their embattled residents or whether the two governors, up for re-election in 2006, are driven by a devious Democratic Party ploy to fulfill their venal political ambition is of no concern.(Email Napolitano and Richardson.)

It does not matter.

The important thing is that Richardson and Napolitano have become firm critics of lax border control and that they identify federal non-enforcement of immigration law as the cause for the economic and social havoc in their states.

Read their position papers here: Richardson, Napolitano:

Consider that we now have the governors of New Mexico and Arizona loudly declaring that because of relentless illegal immigration, their states are now under siege. How much sweeter for us that Richardson,â€