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    Canada: Immigration seizes girls to lure parents

    Interesting immigration story out of Canada.

    Immigration seizes girls to lure parents
    Apr. 29, 2006. 07:18 AM

    In a highly unusual move contradicting federal protocol, immigration officials went to a Toronto school yesterday and threatened to take away two young sisters if their parents, illegal immigrants, did not show up to turn themselves in within 30 minutes.

    Their Costan Rican mother, who arrived in tears at St. Jude school a short time later, was taken to a detention centre with the frightened girls, age 7 and 14. But she was released into a friend's care last night with her daughters.

    "This is very strange. I don't understand what happened," Alvaro Serdas said through an interpreter, of the incident involving his wife Denia Araya and daughters Lisbeth and Hacel. "I think maybe Immigration released them because they're scared they did something wrong in going to the school," said Serdas, who was shocked that officials would essentially threaten to hold children ransom to lure their parents out of hiding.

    "All we know is that there was a call made to Ottawa and it was from there that came the order to release them," Serdas said last night. Fearful that their release was a sting operation to lure him and his two other children, aged 18 and 21, out of hiding, he said he probably wouldn't be reunited with his family until today.

    Late yesterday, spokeswoman Anna Pape, of the Canada Border Services Agency, could not confirm details of the school incident but said such a move "completely contravenes protocol," particularly in the case of a failed refugee claimant who didn't report for deportation. The Serdas were ordered deported back to their native Costa Rica last year.

    "What took place was contrary to CBSA protocols and the family has been re-placed," Pape said. "We don't want to create a situation where parents without status or facing removal keep their kids out of school. We're not in the business of using children to apprehend parents in violation of the Immigration Act."

    A spokesperson for the Toronto Catholic District School Board said the board is planning a meeting Monday to discuss what principals should do if faced with a similar situation and parents don't show up to retrieve their children.

    Mary Jo Deighan confirmed that immigration officials arrived at the school, in the Weston Rd. and Sheppard Ave W. area, yesterday morning. The school arranged for a Spanish speaker to call the Serdas' cellphone — they don't have a land line and the school didn't have their home address — and relay the threatening message.

    Lisbeth and Hacel were sent to the office, where they and their mother were eventually led to a van that took them to the Rexdale immigration holding centre.

    Deighan said the students' removal was done "quietly" and "none of the other kids saw" what happened.

    "We have to abide by federal laws that govern us," said Deighan, who nonetheless called it a tough situation. It would have been even tougher had neither parent shown up.

    But the whole scenario should never have occurred in the first place, Pape said, calling the St. Jude incident a textbook example of what shouldn't happen.

    An example of the proper protocol took place Thursday at Dante Alighieri Academy, when immigration officials removed Kimberly Lizano-Sossa, 15, and her brother, Gerald Lizano-Sossa, 14.

    The students and their parents, Francella Sossa and Gerald Lizano, came to Canada as visitors from Costa Rica in 2001. They applied for refugee status, fearing they'd been targeted by a dangerous drug dealer. They were denied and told to show up for a deportation flight on Feb. 16. When they did not, a warrant was issued for their arrest — along with the grandparents who had joined them last year.

    Thursday morning, working on a tip, immigration officials descended on a north-end building, arresting the grandparents and then Francella Sossa and her 2-year-old Canadian- born daughter, Joshlynn.

    The family, except the father — who was working on a construction site and remains at large — were driven in an unmarked van to the high school, where staff were told to get the students.

    "It was heart-wrenching," recalled vice-principal Anita Bartolini, who broke the news to Gerald during lunch with his friends. "I walked him out to the van, and the looks on the mother and grandparents' faces was `help me,'" recalled Bartolini, who was one of about 50 students and staff who held a vigil outside the detention centre yesterday, praying for the release of their friends.

    Kimberly, described as a straight-A student, was led to the office by her art teacher, where principal Angela Piscitelli broke the news and comforted the sobbing teenager.

    "I was so distraught, but I said she had to comply," recalled Piscitelli, who was also part of the prayer service. "I called Sister Pat, a teacher chaplain, who came in and put her hands on Kimberly's shoulders and told her, `You're going to walk out of here with dignity.'"

    "These are two great kids," said Piscitelli, surrounded by students holding signs that read: "Stop the Deportations Status for All."

    Inside the detention centre, Kimberly and Gerald were aware of the vigil but couldn't see the supportive crowd. They spoke with the Star by phone.

    "It's amazing to have my friends outside," Kimberly said, choking back tears. "But my dreams are still to live here, study here and go to university to become an architect."

    The family is expected to be deported soon.

    Meanwhile, a warrant for the father, Gerald Lizano, remains in effect.

    A demonstration to protest the family's removal is planned for 4 p.m. today outside the detention centre at 385 Rexdale Blvd.
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    Help me to understand WHY WOULDN'T YOU USE schools and children to root out the parents?

    The objective is to get them out of the schools and out of your country Canada?

    In America, a little black boy...6 years old....was rooted out of his corner of the room with a taser gun. And no one had broken any laws.

    So what is the big deal about holding children of illegals scheduled for deportment? Be nice, give them some Kool-Aid and some paper and colored pencils while you wait for the parents to show up and everything will be fine.


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