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    Canada: Refugees in boats Abuse Immigration Refugee Sys

    Refugees in boats

    We are tired of being the ‘rug’ for the world

    Friday, August 13, 2010

    I don’t know if anyone is taking a poll or trying to find out how Canadians feel about the current situation in BC where a boat load of ‘refugees’ are on our shores and are now entitled to ‘our laws’ etc., but they should.

    I have never received as many emails or phone calls of absolute disgust of our laws making us ‘sitting ducks’ for the world’s poor and suffering. None of the people who have contacted me nor myself are hateful and uncaring people but we are tired of being the ‘rug’ for all causes of the world. I am a very compassionate person but I know when I am being taken advantage of, which seems to have become the accepted ‘Canadian way.
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    5,232 ... 13791.html

    News Canada
    Criminals likely planned migrant ship: expert
    Very few could have planned such a sophisticated operation, says UBC prof


    Last Updated: August 13, 2010 10:16am

    Tamil migrant ship docks in B.C.Group fears child traffickers onboard Tamil boatRefugee system must not be 'hijacked by criminals': ToewsTamil refugee questions remainRefugee boats face blockades of fearProcess migrants offshore, says expertTamil support systems in placePerilous passageA criminal mastermind must be behind the Thai freighter carrying up to 500 Tamil migrants to the British Columbia shores, according to a human-trafficking expert.

    UBC professor Benjamin Perrin said Thursday only a small number of organizations could manage such a sophisticated and large-scale migrant smuggling operation that would be able to collect debts ranging in the tens of thousands of dollars for passage owed by those aboard the MV Sun Sea.

    “This is not some sort of humanitarian flotilla run by the Red Cross,
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