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    Cantor’s Still Protecting Amnesty

    6:43 PM 05/19/2014
    Mickey Kaus
    The Daily Caller

    A Cantor-First Immigration Policy: House Majority Leader Eric Cantor seems to be in a real race to retain his seat in the GOP primary. His challenger, economist Dave Brat, has attacked Cantor as soft on immigration amnesty. The charge is accurate: Cantor’s actually written his own version of the DREAM Act, legalizing young undocumented immigrants. He supports the ENLIST Act--a seemingly appealing measure (limited to DREAMers who enlist in the military) that would nevertheless give the Democratic Senate a chance to push a much larger amnesty in “conference.” And he was reported to be a driving force behind including ENLIST in the defense authorization bill, which would give Harry Reid the opportunity to insert that larger amnesty in a must-pass bill.

    But if Cantor isn’t principled enough to hold the line against “Legalization First” immigration reform, he’s certainly not principled enough to lose his seat over the issue. He will do whatever it takes to try to fend off Brat–and if that means tossing all forms of amnesty overboard, you’d expect him to toss all forms of amnesty overboard.

    And sure enough, Cantor has now seemingly reversed himself on the inclusion of ENLIST in the Defense Authorization bill. He’s declared, in his capacity as Majority Leader, that an amendment to stick it into the defense bill will be out of order. And he opposes bringing it to the floor as a regular, stand-alone bill.

    But Cantor hasn’t taken a final step that would kill ENLIST dead: Jeff Denham, the front man for the ENLIST push, says he still wants to bring it up under a “suspension of the rules”– a way the House can pass bills without a “rule” that governs floor debate. It takes a 2/3 vote to pass a bill under “suspension of the rules.” Usually the procedure is reserved for non-controversial items like awarding medals or naming interstate overpasses. If you’re paranoid enough — and if you’re not, you haven’t been paying attention — you could see the “suspension” route as a cunning way for Cantor to get to conference with the Senate on immigration while claiming that he opposed it. (After all, he declared Denham’s amendment “out of order”!)

    But doesn’t Cantor control what gets on the floor of the House, even under a “suspension of the rules”? Answer: He does. He’s Majority Leader. If he wanted, he could declare that he wouldn’t allow Denham’s “suspension” vote either. Then the ENLIST Trojan Horse gambit would be dead.

    That Cantor hasn’t done this seems deeply revealing. Perhaps Dave Brat should point it out.
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    Amnesty front group seeks to deceive conservatives into supporting amnesty


    The latest push for so-called “comprehensive immigration reform,” known by many as amnesty for illegal immigrants, has become quite a slick campaign lead by groups of progressives and Republicans In Name Only (RINOs) including front groups that are seeking to sell the amnesty agenda to conservatives. This is why is so key when the progressive-RINO coalition in the United States Senate were able to co-opt Florida junior Senator Marco Rubio, who was elected in 2010 with strong TEA party and conservative support, to participate in the crafting of the amnesty bill in the Senate. This lead to many conservatives no longer trusting nor supporting Senator Rubio.

    The liberal online newspaper, “The Huffington Post,” reported this past week that Tea Party Express co-founder Sal Russo has joined the ranks of conservatives who support amnesty. The newspaper reported Russo as saying, “Conservatives need to be engaged in the debate, and not just backed into the corner of saying, 'No, we're against it,” while Russo was, as The Huffington Post reported, “on a call with reporters that was hosted by Partnership for a New American Economy and Americans for Tax Reform. It also featured ATR President Grover Norquist, American Conservative Union Chairman Al Cardenas and Steve Case, founder of AOL, HuffPost's parent company. “
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    TAKE ACTION NOW Call (202-224-3121) and ask for your member of Congress to say your own distinct version of....

    This is a very powerful message and if enough of you will generate enough calls, Facebook posts, letters, faxes, and emails to Congress, it will put the amnesty faction into disarray!

    "I'm calling/writing Congressman _________ to demand that he take action to impeach or arrest Obama instead of trying to help Obama pass immigration reform amnesty for illegal aliens. Is he aware that Obama is releasing tens of thousands of criminal illegal aliens back onto American streets in violation of the current laws of Congress, in violation of his Oath of Office, and in direct violation of the US Constitution? We need our members of Congress to oppose immigration reform amnesty and instead focus on stopping Obama's abuses of power that are accessory to the murders of at least 19 people killed by the illegals he is releasing!"

    PS: Don't forget to place your comments on your Congressional Reps social media pages like Facebook. We have the Facebook pages listed for the 50 GOP traitors for you at this link....

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