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    If you care about our country and citizens, you better to hope to God the FairTax isn't dead.

    The FlatTax and any version of it is a stupid idea that doesn't solve any of the issues. It keeps the income tax which means it keeps all the burdens, inequities, complications and problems it causes our economy and in turn causes our citizens and workers.

    The FairTax eliminates the income tax and replaces it with a national retail sales tax on new products and services at the final point of sale and is the best tax proposal ever presented to the US Congress and American People. The only people who hate it are people who a) don't understand it b) are or have family involved with the income tax industry and collections, known as the Anti-FairTax Lobby or c) authoritarian socialist globalist DemoQuacks who never gave a crap about our nation or citizens.
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