April 1, 2017

Boston-area radio host Howie Carr reacted to news of an illegal immigrant being accused of murdering a teacher's aide in nearby Worcester, Mass.

Jose Melendez, 55, is accused of killing Sandra Hehir, 49, and ICE has placed a detainer on the suspect, WBZ reported.

Carr said the incident proves that the real "fake news" is the mainstream media's failure to cover cases such as this latest incident.

He said the media's silence in the face of several similar incidents "gives cover" to State Rep. Michelle DuBois (D-Brockton) who is accused of tipping-off illegal immigrants to a reported ICE raid.

"The media doesn't report crimes by illegal aliens," Carr said, adding that he called the district attorney in Worcester and was unable to find out whether Melendez had a detainer.

When 23 heroin and fentanyl dealers were rounded up by authorities, Carr said he had to call U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions' office in Washington because Massachusetts authorities wouldn't tell him how many were illegal immigrants.

Sessions' office told him ten of the 23 were in the country illegally, he said.