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    A Castrated Nation

    A Castrated Nation
    Wednesday, 20 February 2008

    Our border with Mexico: We’re doomed. The Democrat party has proven that it advocates unfettered immigration from third world countries, legal or illegal, operating on the premise that these groups will eventually become Democrat voters, particularly if they can be kept in a state of perceived disenfranchisement long enough for them to buy into anti-Republican propaganda.

    By Erik Rush

    If there was ever an election cycle in which the issues (at this juncture, really weighty ones) took a back seat to pomp and circumstance – or, if you prefer, hype and flatulence – this one is definitely it.

    With the exception of half a handful of worthwhile individuals who were destined to be ignored by the public (for reasons of lack of profile), their party’s elite (for reasons rooted in fear and weakness), and the media (for obvious reasons), the choices have been ghastly right from the start.

    An earthshaking event (like Bobby Kennedy’s assassination during the 1968 Presidential campaign) notwithstanding, one of three individuals (Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton or John McCain) will be inaugurated as President of the United States next January. To the majority of American voters (I’ve not yet gotten a chance to speak with all of them as yet), this may appear to be a minimally consequential prospect, but to conservatives it is of grave concern; to some, it ranges from sickmaking to terrifying.

    In a sense, there are some parallels between this election cycle and the one of 1992. There is a sitting Republican president with whom both Republicans and Democrats are disgusted; despite added confusion due to the media fueling the process with hype, as a result, many Americans appear to desire some unformulated, undefined, and nebulous “change
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    I know that immigration is a controversial issue today in this great nation. But I strongly believe that Mexican and Mexican-American workers are a large reason for the dynamic economy of California,’ Calderon said in prepared remarks.
    Dynamic economy!! No wonder Mexico is a thirld world dump, their so called leaders do not know the first thing about economics.

    California is on the verge of bankruptcy because of his illegal invaders and Calderon has the gaul to call California's economy "dynamic" , while the leaders of California gush at his feet.

    We are in trouble!!
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    Good post zeezil,

    I was gald to see at the end of the article the enforcement of grass roots actions that will be necessary to offset the political and moral deprivations facing our nation.

    This should also highten our awareness to the power of the internet and its ability to organize such grassroots actions.

    There are some very clever ways that censorship of the internet could be implemented. Hopefully people that are much more technologically savvy than myself will teach us these methods.

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    Great writing.
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