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    Chicago Sun Times: Cut out the Social Security

    Cut out the Social Security
    August 13, 2007

    Congress shirked its responsibility by failing to enact comprehensive immigration reform. That has left the country little choice but to enforce the laws on the books if it wants to halt illegal immigration. You might call it mean-spirited to have the Homeland Security Department and the Social Security Administration weed out illegal workers when no alternative exists to put them on a path to citizenship. We don't like it either, but not enforcing the laws we have will only encourage more illegal immigration.

    Targeting Social Security numbers that don't match up with the names on government-filed wage and tax documents is a back-door way for the the feds to snag undocumented workers. The Social Security Administration estimated last year that about 1 in every 20 workers -- as many as 7.3 million out of a work force of about 146 million -- used Social Security numbers that didn't belong to them; this is no recurring incidence of clerical errors, and it's no coincidence, either.

    Lax enforcement against businesses reporting inaccurate Social Security numbers has made employers the enablers of illegal immigration. And of course unscrupulous businesses exploit vulnerable illegal immigrants with no place to turn.

    "There has not been clear guidance on what is expected of an employer and what they have to do when they receive this letter," Homeland Security spokeswoman Veronica Nur Valdez said of so-called no-match letters. "We're going to make it abundantly clear by eliminating that ambiguity," she said. "Many employers have acted in good faith, but some have ignored the letters, and we're going to put an end to that."

    Illegal workers can, and likely will, get fired. Friday, the Bush administration rolled out new rules that will require employers to fire employees unable to clear up problems with their Social Security numbers 90 days after they receive a "no match" letter. Employers who fail to comply will face possible fines, which currently range from $250 to $10,000 per worker and will be increased up to 25 percent.

    In unveiling the specifics of the plan, Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff put the onus on Congress for any consequences that may be wrought by the crackdown. "Our hope is that key elements of the Senate bill will see the light of day someday, but until Congress chooses to act, we are going to be taking some energetic steps of our own."

    We are sympathetic to Latino worries that this stepped-up enforcement might unfairly target Hispanics, legal as well as illegal immigrants.

    But we also know that lax adherence is what led to our current situation in the first place.

    Perhaps this crackdown will motivate our legislators to compromise in passing immigration laws. Until then, Homeland Security should leave room to clarify the inevitable bureaucratic mess dealing with such a large volume of paperwork will surely create.

    Enforcing Social Security paperwork is far from a perfect solution to the nation's illegal immigration problem, but it's the only practical, real-world approach we have right now.

    This is only the beginning. ... 3a.article

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    Another "pandering for profit" piece in a Sanctuary city newspaper in an attempt to ratchet up pro-illegal furor. I fear this is what the talking heads have in mind.

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    Do these employers have to report the people they find are using fake documents?

    How many terrorists are hiding in this number , disguised as a chicken plucker, or landscaper?
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    Perhaps this crackdown will motivate our legislators to compromise in passing immigration laws

    Newsflash: WE DON'T HAVE TO COMPROMISE WITH CRIMINALS. We owe them nothing. At what point does the sense of entitlement end?
    It's Time to Rescind the 14th Amendment

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