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    Chicken plant keeps plant running after immigration raid

    Koch keeps plant running after immigration raid
    Work force reduced by raid, but chicken processing operation allowed to resume. ... dkoch.html
    By Tim Tresslar

    Staff Writer

    Thursday, August 30, 2007

    FAIRFIELD — Poultry processor Koch Foods has resumed operations at its local plant, even though it lost a large number of workers Tuesday during a raid by federal agents and local police.

    Authorities from Immigration and Customs Enforcement, the Butler County Sheriff's Office and other state, federal and local agencies netted 161 alleged illegal immigrants at the chicken processing plant. Prior to the raid, the Fairfield plant employed more than 500.

    Company executives said in a news release they had planned to resume work Tuesday evening following the raids at the company's Fairfield plant and its Park Ridge, Ill.-based headquarters.

    The Koch facilities were allowed to continue production Tuesday, after authorities finished their work there, said ICE spokesman Greg Palmore.

    "Once we left the premises and the search warrants were executed, they were free to do what they had to do," Palmore said.

    The company stated in its news release that it requires employees to provide documentation and it has a program in place to audit the documents from employees.

    Koch Foods also said it has been instituting a program through the Department of Homeland Security's verification system to ensure that all its workers have the proper documents and are eligible for their jobs.

    "Koch foods is committed to complying with all immigration laws, and we look forward to resolving this matter quickly," the company stated.
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    They need to prosecute the Koch administrators and managers that participated in the hiring of illegal aliens! With that said; whatever happened to the fear that businesses can't survive without illegal labor? It sure didn't shut Koch down for long! It just goes to show the lies the other side will fling out there to get their way. The farmers need to look at this and stop the whining!

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