Chileans Arrested in Orange County, CA Suburb Days After LAPD Forms Task Force to Stop Home Invasions

By David Greyson
Mar. 24, 2024 6:40 pm

Three men, who were Chilean nationals, were arrested Friday by
Irvine Police Department after the officers noticed a “suspicious vehicle.” They were identified as Leopoldo Jara-Araya, 57, Ricardo Navarete-Loyola, 19, and Julio Cordova-Martinez, 55.

Police have been vigilant in Irvine after a recent increase in home robberies. Irvine is located in Orange County, California.

Los Angeles Police Department recently put together a task force to deal with international crime rings focusing on high-end homes.
Fox News reported:

Police arrested three men from Chile on Friday in the quiet California suburban town of Irvine, just days after the Los Angeles Police Department formed a task force to address an international crime ring targeting luxury homes in the U.S.

The arrests came after a recent spike in home robberies in Irvine, a relatively low crime area in Orange County that is about 40 miles south of
Los Angeles.

Irvine police officers had been conducting surveillance work when a “suspicious vehicle” near Boomer Canyon caught their attention.


Video at link.

“Police said there were three men inside the car who ‘were not from the area and appeared to have no reason to be in Irvine.'”
Fox News reported.

The driver took off but officers eventually stopped them. After searching the vehicle, they found masks, burglary tools, shoe covers, and even pet deterrent.

The suspects appeared to be casing the neighborhood with the intent to burglarize homes. They were taken into custody for conspiracy to commit burglary, possessing burglary tools, and giving the officers false information.

US Visa Waiver Program includes the country of Chile. Unfortunately, this allows tourists and people visiting the US on business to bypass the need for a visa or for any detailed vetting.

The US is in the middle of a border crisis never seen before. According to Border Patrol Chief
Jason Owens, people from 160 countries have illegally entered the US this fiscal year.


Mario Nawfal



"So far, this fiscal year alone, we have had people from 160 or more come across our border illegally."

Source: Face The Nation

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