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    City man charged in federal gun crimes (Illegal)

    City man charged in federal gun crimes
    From our news staff

    Federal authorities have charged a Reading man who is in the United States illegally with making a false claim about his immigration status to buy a gun, officials said Tuesday.

    Mohamed Sita Berete, 28, was indicted by a federal grand jury on charges of possessing a firearm by an illegal alien, making a false statement to a federal firearms licensee and making a false claim of United States citizenship.

    Berete of the 100 block of South Third Street remained in federal custody pending further court action.

    Officials with the U.S. attorney's office said Berete falsely stated on a required form that he was not an illegal alien when he bought a 9 mm handgun May 17 from Gun Gallery, 2807 Perkiomen Ave., St. Lawrence.

    Berete was arrested July 8 in Bern Township with the gun, which was loaded with 15 rounds, authorities said.

    Officials with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms and Bureau of Immigration Enforcement investigated.

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    There is a percentage of illegals with guns. A good example are some of the gang members who are illegals. There are also others who are armed and have been pulling off armed robberies in Georgia according to a friend who is a police officer there.
    Many Mexican illegals as well as some other Hispanics have knives on them and won't think twice on pulling them out. My daughter and I witnessed that first hand one evening. We were at a pizza place and the guys at the next table must have been from work as some only spoke Spanish and others spoke both languages. We figured that the 2 or 3 non English speakers were illegal due to the way they were dressed and how they acted. Another Hispanic male walked in and one of the illegals started arguing with him and pulled a knife out very quickly. This happened right next to me. The manager quickly came over and separated them. Meanwhile I was ready incase it escalated and the manager needed assistance.
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