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    CO - Immigration Cases For Unaccompanied Minors Strain Courts

    September 8, 2014

    DENVER (CBS4) - Immigration cases involving unaccompanied minors are clogging one of the Denver area’s two immigration courts, records obtained by CBS4 indicate.

    There are nearly 8,000 immigration cases backlogged in the immigration court in downtown Denver. Nationwide, there are 400,000 cases in a backlog.

    “It’s creating another extreme crisis within the immigration court system throughout the United States to deal with all these additional cases,” David Kolko, the chairman of the Colorado chapter of the American Immigration Lawyers Association, said.

    The second court is located at an immigrant detainment facility, operated by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, in Aurora. That court is meeting its goal of hearing 85 percent of the cases within 60 days of charges being filed.

    Immigrant courts in Denver are short two judges due to retirement.

    “Whether these people legitimately have the opportunity to stay in the United States, to have a resolution of those claims is now taking years,” Kolko said.

    Officials have created a triage system to deal with the crisis. Priority goes to those with unaccompanied minors, followed by those involving criminal matters.

    “These aliens are afforded every due process and administrative right, and it takes forever to complete these cases sometimes,” Mike Riebau, a former federal immigration agent, said.
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    In response to the article below:

    This is bull shit. If they are here without legal status then by definition they are ILLEGAL ALIENS. And we should kick their asses out-- now. They are not entitled to "due process" BECAUSE THEY ARE NOT CITIZENS. I saw a post where something like 85% of those who got a court hearing were granted permanent legal status. Does anyone seriously believe that the vast majority of those who sneak into our homeland and become permanent squatters are legitimately entitled to have permanent legal status? These so-called immigration courts are just rubberstamping approval for every illegal alien to stay here forever.

    They say "speed up the process." But once these courts rubberstamp "legitimacy" for just about every illegal alien, we will not be able to deport them. This "due process" crap is just another scam to overwhelm our society with aliens from countries who do not share our values, political system of limited government power, our economic system.

    We need to stop this "due process" crap for foreigners who should not even be here. It is infract helpful to us to have a long line that slows down the process of giving rubber stamp legitimacy to illegal aliens.

    I think the reason the great majority of illegal aliens do not show up for their "court" date is because they do not know they are almost certain to be given legal status. Besides once you disappear within the population the 85% chance becomes a 100 % chance. And I believe that because they do not speak the language many assume the US would deport them because that is what a normal healthy would do. They assume the U.S. government would act rationally to protect their own citizens.

    Patriots do not accept this sleezy lawyer crap that illegal aliens ABSOLUTELY MUST BE GIVEN "DUE PROCESS." This is an open borders contrivance to shove more illegal aliens into our society.

    What they should be given is a nice little ride back across the border. Nothing else. Never forget, these are citizens of a foreign country who should not even be here.
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