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    CO: Three IAs arrested in grocery store thefts

    Three arrested in grocery store thefts
    By Rhonda Moore, Staff Writer06/19/2008

    Castle Rock police arrested three men suspected of stealing nearly $3,500 in merchandise from the King Soopers store on Founders Parkway.

    Luis Alcantar, 51, Victor Mora-Guerra, 27, and Roberto Lopez, 28, face felony charges for their role in a series of thefts authorities believe took place in Castle Rock, Highlands Ranch and Jefferson County.

    Castle Rock police received initial reports of the suspected activity in late May, when employees at King Soopers discovered thousands of dollars in merchandise missing from store shelves.

    A review of video surveillance disclosed the suspects worked in tandem to remove almost $2,000 in products from the store, said Scott Claton, Castle Rock police sergeant of investigations.

    Security video showed that two men entered the store on consecutive days, at 7:30 p.m. May 25 and 5:30 a.m. May 26.

    Both men pretended to shop the store, while one person filled a handheld shopping basket with small, high-ticket items such as teeth-whitening, beauty and medical products.

    The suspect deposited the basket on the floor near the magazine aisle, where a second man retrieved the products, filling his coat and pockets. The second man left the store without paying for the merchandise.

    King Soopers employees discovered the theft following the Memorial Day holiday, when the store shelves appeared abnormally empty, Claton said.

    Store security employees were directed to remain on the lookout for another visit from the suspects.

    The other visit came at 5:30 a.m. June 10, when Mora-Guerra and Lopez entered the store and proceeded through the same routine, police said.

    Security employees recognized the clothing of one man from the May video surveillance because the suspect was wearing the same shirt he wore during the previous incident.

    Store employees contacted the Castle Rock Police Department, which dispatched three officers to assist in the apprehension of the suspects, Claton said.

    Mora-Guerra and Lopez entered the store and reportedly remained in contact via cell phones, police said. Mora-Guerra acted as the "shopper," collecting items, and Lopez acted as "carrier," hiding the products in his clothing and taking them to a car in the parking lot, where Alcantar was waiting.

    The men repeated the routine twice, remained in the store for about 20 minutes and left the partially empty baskets on the floor, covered with a store advertisement.

    An officer was posted at each door of the store and a third officer remained in the parking lot, where officers contacted the three suspects.

    A subsequent search disclosed unpaid-for merchandise worth $1,375, some of which was inside the vehicle and some of which remained concealed inside the store.

    Alcantar gave officers a Long Beach, Calif., address. The other suspects did not provide addresses but told officers they are from Mexico.

    Investigators believe the men came to Colorado through Arizona, where they have a years-long criminal history, Claton said.

    Investigators believe they are involved in similar incidents at King Soopers stores in Highlands Ranch and Jefferson County, Claton said. The suspects speak almost no English and none spoke to police following their arrests.

    "They are not being cooperative in any way, shape or form," Claton said.

    The suspects remain in custody at the Douglas County jail. They are being held without bond by order of a U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement hold. The men face possible charges of felony theft and conspiracy. ... 0321&rfi=6
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    You see. One or two alert citizens can do something.
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    Hopefully, they will get a stiff prison sentence...something like 10 years of hard labor on a chain gang before they are deported. Why should our taxes keep going up when we have all of these criminal IA's who could be repairing our roads and highways, cleaning up the trash from their fellow IA's, and picking lettuce in the fields. Bring back the chain gangs! Maybe that would be a small deterent to them!

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