Confirmed: Biden Admin Opens US Southern Border Up to Possible 1.96 Billion Global Citizens Under Age 14

By Jim Hoft
Published March 18, 2021 at 12:50pm

A Biden Migrant camp for children in southern US.

On Wednesday White House Spokesperson Jen Psaki announced that the US will not send 10-year-old illegal migrant children back to the countries they came from if they make it across the US southern border.

On Wednesday Biden White House Spokesperson Jen Psaki was asked about the endless stream of illegal aliens streaming into the US since Joe Biden opened the southern border. The US is currently facing its biggest migrant surge into the US in 20 years. Kristin Fisher: Is there a limit or a cap to the number …

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he Gateway Pundit

On Thursday Joe
Biden’s DHS Chief threw gasoline on the fire and told migrant parents that the Biden Admin “will not expel” your children if they are sent here alone.
There are over
1.96 billion humans alive today who are 14-years-old or younger.

It appears the Biden administration is encouraging them all to come here for free education, medical needs, food, shelter, clothing, etc.

This is complete insanity. Only a liberal-Marxist could be this stupid.