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Thread: Congressman Yoder Shows Softer Side On Immigration For Growing Kansas 3rd District In

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    Congressman Yoder Shows Softer Side On Immigration For Growing Kansas 3rd District In

    Congressman Yoder Shows Softer Side On Immigration For Growing Kansas 3rd District Indian Community After Hate Crime Killing

    October 10, 2018

    In a bold move, Congressman Yoder advocates for the burgeoning Indian community in the Kansas 3rd District.

    The Congressman shares a story of compassion following a horrific hate crime that evoked national headlines.

    However, let's not pretend this doesn't come at a political cost.

    Alt-right websites have been tearing the Congressman apart because of his outreach toward the Indian community and the victims of last year's deadly hate crime.

    A few examples:

    Rep. Yoder Promises More Middle-Class Outsourcing for Kansas Voters

    Computer Experts Campaign Against Rep. Yoder and Green Card Giveaway

    Rep. Yoder’s India Lobby Offers $$$ to Jump Line for Green Cards

    Still, on the topic of highly skilled workers . . . There seems to be more tolerance fpr computer programmers than the equally proficient Mexican laborers who also comprise a growing segment of Rep. Yoder's constituency.

    Nevertheless, the light touch is important and demonstrates a bit of versatility from this politico fighting for survival. WILL IT WORK???

    Take a look:

    Yoder Campaign's Latest TV Ad Highlights Sunayana's Story

    Overland Park, KS - Yoder for Congress launched its latest television ad of the 2018 election cycle, titled "Sunayana's Story"

    Watch "Sunayana's Story" here:

    Sunayana Dumala is the widow of Srinivas Kuchibhotla, the man who was shot and killed in a hate crime at Austin's Bar and Grill in Olathe last February. In addition to losing her husband to that fatal shooting, Dumala lost her immigration status because it was tied to her husband's work visa. Upon hearing about Dumala's situation and the injustice she was facing in addition to her tragedy, Yoder fought to secure her a new H1-B visa so she could remain in America with her own legal status.

    In January, Yoder invited Dumala to be his guest at the State of the Union Address. There, she advocated to House leadership for the passage of Yoder's bipartisan immigration legislation that would clear out the backlog of existing high-skilled visa workers seeking permanent residence.

    Following her husband's tragic death, Dumala has created an advocacy organization called Forever Welcome. She and Yoder have worked together to advance the cause of tolerance in today's divided political climate.

    You decide . . .
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    Send her BACK.

    It was a privilege to let her come here in the first place. Is she a "highly skilled" worker? Or just her husband?

    Do not go home kicking and screaming!

    Go home, get in line and apply to come legally like TWO BILLION people on the planet.

    Close all these loop holes.

    We allow them to come work and then they think we OWE to them to stay forever.

    Shut these work visa's down. We have highly educated Americans to take these jobs.


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    Whoever runs the website Tony's Kansas City is a complete left wing moonbat. Calling Breitbart News and the Americans that don't want more American jobs given to foreign labor "Alt Right" is both disgusting and just plain inaccurate.

    Nobody calls Breitbart Alt rigth which is just another way of falsly calling someone a Nazi because you are a crazy Democrat.

    Rep. Kevin Yoder is a complete servant to the US Chamber of Commerce and the open borders pro-Amnesty pro-illegal immigration crowd in DC.
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    Soft on immigration means hard on the american taxpayers.
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    Yoder's Democrat Opponent in November:

    Davids won the Democratic primary in Kansas' 3rd District.

    With historic victory, Democrat Sharice Davids to take on Rep. Kevin Yoder

    By Bryan Lowry, Steve Vockrodt, Lauren Fox And Edward McKinley
    August 08, 2018 07:52 AM
    Updated August 08, 2018 06:19 PM

    Sharice Davids made history Wednesday when Kansas Democrats selected the Johnson County attorney as the red state’s first openly gay, Native American nominee for Congress.

    Davids, the winner of a six-way primary race, will face Rep. Kevin Yoder, a vulnerable incumbent Republican from Overland Park, in the general election. No Native American woman has ever been elected to Congress.

    She also would be the first openly LGBT person to represent Kansas at either the federal or state level.

    Davids found out she had won while she was in the car on the way to the hospital to visit a campaign staffer, who had just had a baby. Her mother told her the news.

    Davids thanked her rival Democrats in the race in a statement on Wednesday “for their passion and for engaging in a spirited and important debate about the future of this district and this country.” All five of her former competitors joined her at a Democratic unity rally at noon Wednesday.

    “Now, we turn to the general election and set our sights on defeating Kevin Yoder, an extremist who has tried time and time again to undermine health care access and give tax breaks for the largest corporations,” Davids said. “He is a pawn for Donald Trump and I will not allow him to continue to take us in the wrong direction while working families in our communities suffer.”

    Kansas has been at the center of debates over LGBT rights in recent years, which gives Davids’ selection as her party’s nominee extra significance for the state’s LGBT community.

    Her nomination comes only three months after Gov. Jeff Colyer signed a law that explicitly establishes the right of faith-based adoption agencies to refuse to place children with same-sex couples.

    In 2014, the Kansas House overwhelmingly passed a bill that enabled private and public employees to refuse same-sex couples based on religious views of marriage. The bill was abandoned after it sparked international outcry.

    The following year, then-Gov. Sam Brownback stripped LGBT state workers of anti-discrimination protections that had been enacted under former Gov. Kathleen Sebelius.

    “Since 2011, our state has been ‘ground-zero’ in the fight against discriminatory ‘religious freedom’ laws,” Tom Witt, executive director of Equality Kansas, said in a statement. “Tonight, however, voters in the third congressional district have sent a clear message to the nation: Fairness and tolerance are Kansas values.”

    EMILY’s List, the Democratic women’s group that endorsed Davids, said in a statement Wednesday that Davids, an amateur mixed martial arts fighter, is ready to take on Yoder in November and show 3rd District voters that she’s the best choice to represent them in Congress.

    “Unlike Yoder, Sharice will work to protect access to affordable health care and make decisions based on what’s best for people in the district — not as a pawn of Donald Trump,” EMILY’s List said in a statement.

    Davids won Tuesday’s hotly contested and crowded Democratic primary by capturing 37 percent of the vote, edging out her closest competitor in Brent Welder, who received 34 percent, by 2,088 votes.

    The outcome of the race was not known until almost 8 a.m. Wednesday because the Johnson County Election Office experienced an all-night delay in reporting its results.

    Welder called Davids at about 10:30 a.m. on Wednesday to congratulate her and say he looks forward to supporting her.

    Earlier, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee threw it’s weight fully behind Davids.

    “As the daughter of a single mother and Army veteran, Sharice is running to expand opportunities for all Kansans, which falls in sharp contrast with her opponent who has consistently voted to make it harder for Kansans to get ahead,” said DCCC Chairman Ben Ray LujŠn. “After this hard-fought primary win, Sharice emerges even stronger in her historic bid to flip this competitive seat.”

    Sharice Davids spoke late Tuesday at her election watch party at Breit's Stein and Deli in Kansad City, Kan., saying 'we know we knocked on a ton of doors in Johnson County.'

    Yoder, who coasted through his primary contest on Tuesday, has won Kansas’ 3rd congressional district by double digits in every election going back to 2010.

    Yoder’s campaign did not respond to requests for comment on Davids’ victory. The National Republican Congressional Committee’s spokeswoman Kerry Rom issued a statement calling Davids “the farthest left candidate by emerging from the most liberal field Kansas City has ever seen” and dismissed her policy positions as “far out of step with this district”

    Democrats are optimistic about their chances in Yoder’s suburban Kansas City district, which Democrat Hillary Clinton won in the 2016 presidential race.

    Emily Magness, a 19-year-old intern on Davids’ campaign, pointed to her status as a barrier-breaking candidate when serving as emcee at the candidate’s watch party at Breit’s Stein and Deli in Kansas City, Kan.

    “I thought it was really cool that Sharice is a gay Native woman running, because I’m also a gay Native woman. It’s not a community you see represented a lot, especially in this district,” she said. “It’ll mean that someone like me can absolutely have a chance of representing the people in this district.”

    The six Democratic candidates in the race demonstrated the range of ideologies and identities struggling for dominance in the party.

    Welder, an attorney who moved to Bonner Springs from Missouri last year, has given full-throated support to U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders’ “Medicare for All” proposal and shared the stage last month with the Vermont independent before a crowd of 2,000 in Kansas City, Kan.

    Tom Niermann, a teacher from Prairie Village, presented himself as a moderate capable of winning Republican votes in the general election, an idea highlighted by his decision to campaign with state Sen. Barbara Bollier, a Mission Hills Republican.

    The rest of the Democratic field — Mike McCamon, Sylvia Williams and Jay Sidie — finished far behind Davids.

    The Davids campaign drew an enthusiastic crowd at Breit’s, a mainstay in downtown Kansas City, Kan., for her campaign watch party.
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    I personally don't see anything wrong in showing compassion following a hate crime murder against legal immigrants, whether we want to see an end to the H1B program or not. I want to see an end to the H1B program, let existing visas expire and have them return to their home countries. But I also don't want to see them victimized while they're here with hate crimes nor given permanent status ahead of the line of other applicants waiting in their home countries for a chance to come to the United States, because it's not fair to those waiting at home or to Americans who lost their jobs to H1B visa workers. H1B may have had some merit at some point in our history, but it has no merit today, not at all, not on any level. H1B needs to be terminated and all existing visa holders ordered out by the time their visa expires.
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