Yep ... I saw that! I think that has surprised some people, huh? Dede had endorsements from several major groups including the Independence Party, the third largest political party in New York, which switched to Owen yesterday, so did the UAW. The AFL-CIO had remained neutral because half the members supported Dede and the other half supported Owens, now that she's withdrawn the AFL-CIO and his 80,000 members and their families have endorsed Bill Owens. The Watertown Daily Times which had endorsed Dede, endorsed Owens this morning, and the New York State Teachers Union which had endorsed Dede, endorsed Owens this afternoon.

It will be interesting to see what happens on Tuesday, that's for darn sure. Some of the blogs up there think alot of people will still cast their vote for Dede who don't want to vote Democrat or for Doug Hoffman.