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    Controversial legislation revives immigration debate to IL

    Controversial legislation revives immigration debate to Illinois

    by Molly Born
    Feb 24, 2011

    Whether the burden should be on state officials and local police to enforce immigration law is again being hotly argued in the Illinois General Assembly.

    Once again, the pro forces in the General Assembly say the federal government has fallen down on its job of enforcing immigration laws, and the state needs to take up the slack. Meanwhile, lawmakers against the bill argue that the state doesn’t have the resources to do a job that should solely rest with federal agencies.

    Last Thursday HB 1969 was introduced in the legislature, sparking controversy similar to one that split Arizona residents last year over state law SB1070. The Illlinois bill has prompted an abrasive response from Chicago-area activists, who say this legislation incites “hatred against immigrants.
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    Illinois Legislation
    Bill Mentioned is first bill posted

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