Criminal Illegal Alien Free On Bond Kills Family

More Americans die at the hands of the illegals. This one was free on bond awaiting trial for assault. Talk about a culture of corruption. These people do seem to bring their corruption with them when they come here, don’t they?

In yet another tragic example of the government’s failure to protect Americans from violent illegal immigrants, a drunken Mexican man with a criminal record killed an entire family when he crashed his car into theirs on Houston freeway.

The illegal alien, Juan Felix Salinas, suffered minor injuries and was out on bond for a previous assault charge. His blood alcohol level was three times the Texas legal limit when his speeding vehicle rammed into another occupied by a 26-year-old woman, her husband and 2-year-old son.

The Williams family, which was returning from a movie, died immediately in the burning wreckage. Their small car was instantly demolished by the powerful impact of the illegal alien’s much larger speeding van.

Not only was Salinas free on bond in a criminal case, he had been previously deported to his native Nuevo Leon Mexico two years ago yet entered the U.S. again illegally and was allowed to remain in the country after his recent arrest for assault.

It took the horrific murders of three innocent Americans for federal authorities to finally take action. U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials have finally placed a so-called “immigration hold