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    CT - Police: Honduras nationals face deportation

    Two Honduras nationals, now residing in Norwalk, were arrested Saturday on unrelated charges and are facing deportation, police said.

    Erlo Chirino, 26, of 21 Bell Ave., faces charges of larceny in the sixth degree and criminal impersonation, both misdemeanors, said Sgt. Ron Pine of the Norwalk Police Department.

    Chirino was arrested outside Bob's Stores on Main Avenue Saturday after he allegedly walked out of the Norwalk department store with an $80 pair of sneakers that he didn't pay for, said Pine.

    During his interview, Chirino gave a false name to police, but further investigation revealed the suspect was a Honduras national wanted by federal authorities from Immigration Customs Enforcement (ICE), said Pine.

    Chirino was arrested some time ago in Texas, and was subsequently deported back to Honduras by ICE, police said. He apparently found his way back into the United States a second time to continue working in the country illegally as a laborer, said Pine.

    Elmer Caballero, 23, was also arrested Saturday at his home on 11 New St. in Norwalk following a domestic dispute with his wife, said Pine. Caballero faces charges of third-degree assault and third-degree strangulation, he said.

    Details were slim as a police report had yet to be filed, but Pine said Caballero is also a Honduras national living in the country illegally -- meaning Caballero's recent arrest makes him subject to deportation, as well.

    "The Norwalk Police Department doesn't take a proactive approach to arresting illegal immigrants," said Pine. "If they stay under the radar, they usually won't have a problem. It's when they get arrested or commit offenses that they can find themselves getting deported."

    Chirino is being held on $5,000 bond, while Caballero is being held on $2,000 bond. Both men will appear in state Superior Court in Norwalk today for arraignment.

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    With the halt to all interior enforcement they will be back in this country before dinner the day they are deported IF they are to rob, murder, rape and molest women and children, steal identities, take more jobs from Americans and be rewarded with work permits for committing crimes. An illegal alien back door amnesty from one crime and subsequent work permit reward at a time......
    There is no freedom without the law. Remember our veterans whose sacrifices allow us to live in freedom.

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