Dem TX Judge: Border ‘Is Wide Open’ and ‘Biden Has Fomented This’

by IAN HANCHETT 23 Sep 2021

On Wednesday’s broadcast of the Fox News Channel’s “America Reports,” Webb County, TX Judge Tano Tijerina (D) said the southern border is “wide open” and “Biden has fomented this, and now, he’s alienated us.”

Tijerina said, “Biden has fomented this, and now, he’s alienated us. And now we’re in this situation.”

He added, “[I]n all reality, what’s going on with our southern border is wide open.”

Tijerina further stated, “Well, the sad part about is they look at a picture, it’s amazing how they look at one picture and they go off on it, but there [are] 1,000 pictures of everything else that’s going on that’s basically falling through the cracks, and yet, nothing’s been mentioned.”

He concluded, “Well, let me tell you, as a border town county judge, as a Democratic county judge, conservative Democratic county judge, I will tell you…it’s a sad situation, and President Biden needs to take ownership.”