Deported Crooks Caught at Border


Posted April 29th, 2016 @ 4:26am by iHeartMedia’s Dale Forbis

Border Patrol
agents in El Paso and New Mexico have arrested 2 sex offenders and one violent gang member in just the last week. That is a pattern which has already been established.

Americans for Legal Immigration
President William Gheen says the wide open border is dangerous.

“We have crime reports of Americans that are killed each week that were killed by drunk driving illegal immigrants or an illegal alien gang members,” Gheen says, “that's been deported two, three, four, five times.”

says Donald Trump is the only presidential candidate who will even talk about the problems coming into this country across that border. Since it's a small percentage of illegal immigrants who are caught, the number of sexual predators and violent felons could be much greater than we know.

There are many motives behind the lax to non-existent enforcement.

“Some powerful socialists, like George Soros and Michael Bloomberg, want more Democratic voters,” he says. “Illegal immigration is like a type of weapon that's being deployed against the United States.”