Deported Syrian Illegal Returns to Switzerland to Commit More Violent Crimes

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Oct 30, 2023

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An illegal migrant from Syria who was ejected from Switzerland after serving multiple prison sentences managed to sneak back into the country and commit more crimes, according to reports.

“Idriss” (name changed by Swiss media), a 30-year-old Syrian national with a “lengthy criminal record” who was well-known to cantonal authorities, was previously deported from the Alpine nation and banned from reentering for five years.

In 2020, he served two months in prison. In 2021, he was sentenced to 15 months, and in 2022, he was sentenced to 10 months.

After being expelled from Switzerland, the Syrian managed to make his way back into the country, and in July, he was caught stealing cosmetics from a Manor shopping center in Lausanne.

“Questioned by a security agent, he pushed her away before fleeing,” 20 Minutes reports.

“A chase began all the way to the Grand-Pont. There, the fugitive decided to turn back and attack the woman again. He punched her in the chest and took out a screwdriver to threaten her.”

Idriss was recently fined 600 francs and sentenced to another 150 days in prison.
At the time of his release, he will reportedly be deported again.

Infowars frequently reports on crimes committed by foreign suspects in Switzerland.

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