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    DHS Annual Report Shows Increase in Detention, Deportations

    Homeland Security's Immigration Enforcement Actions Annual Report
    December 13, 2008

    This report presents information on the apprehension, detention, return and removal of foreign nationals during fiscal year 2007.
    Immigration Enforcement Actions: 2007

    Each year, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) undertakes immigration enforcement actions involving hundreds of thousands of foreign nationals (for definitions of immigration enforcement action terms, see Box 1). These actions include the arrest, detention, return, and removal from the United States of foreign nationals who are in violation of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA). These violations include: losing legal status by failing to abide by the terms and conditions of entry, or by engaging in crimes such as violent crimes, document fraud, terrorist activity, and drug smuggling. ( full PDF Report with charts and graphs 13/12/2008,09:36 181.99 Kb)

    Primary responsibility for the enforcement of immigration law within DHS rests with U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). CBP is responsible for the inspections of all arriving persons and conveyances at ports of entry and the deterrence or apprehension of illegal immigrants between ports of entry. ICE is responsible for enforcing immigration laws within the interior of the United States.

    This Office of Immigration Statistics Annual Report presents information on the apprehension, detention, return, and removal of foreign nationals during 2007. In summary:

    DHS apprehended nearly 961,000 foreign nationals. Nearly 89 percent were natives of Mexico.

    The annual number of foreign nationals apprehended by the Border Patrol decreased by 19 percent compared to 2006.

    ICE detained approximately 311,000 foreign nationals.

    More than 319,000 aliens were removed from the United States-the fifth consecutive record high. The leading countries of origin of those removed were Mexico (65 percent), Honduras (9 percent) and Guatemala (8 percent).

    More than 891,000 other foreign nationals accepted an offer to return to their home countries without a removal order.

    Expedited removals accounted for 106,200 or 33 percent of all removals.

    DHS removed 99,900 known criminal aliens from the United States.

    In this report, years are fiscal years (October 1 to September 30).

    ICE physically removed approximately 244,000 foreign nationals during Fiscal Year 2007. CBP physically removed the others, which totaled 75,000.


    CBP Officers determine the admissibility of aliens who are applying for admission to the U.S. at designated ports of entry. CBP Officers may permit inadmissible aliens the opportunity to withdraw their application for admission or they can refer an alien to an immigration judge for removal proceedings. Officers have the authority to order certain aliens removed under expedited removal proceedings without further hearings or review by an immigration judge. The expedited removal order carries the same penalties as a removal order issued by an immigration judge.

    Border Patrol

    The primary mission of the Border Patrol is to secure approximately 7,000 miles of international land border with Canada and Mexico and 2,000 miles of coastal border of the United States. Its major objectives are to prevent entry into the United States of illegal aliens and foreign nationals suspected of terrorism and other criminal activity, interdict drug smugglers and other criminals, and compel those persons seeking admission to present themselves legally at ports of entry for inspection. Border Patrol operations are divided into geo-graphic regions referred to as sectors.


    The ICE Office of Investigations conducts criminal investigations that focus on the enforcement of a wide variety of laws that include immigration statutes. Special agents

    Office of Immigration Statistics

    Continue to Full Report and Indepth Analysis ( LINK 181.99 Kb) ... eport.html
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    Since its creation in the aftermath of the tragic events of September 11, 2001, the department has achieved much to protect and secure the United States. The following are selected achievements from this year:

    Turned the tide against illegal migration to the United States through the deployment of fencing and technology along the southern border; the implementation of unprecedented immigration enforcement efforts and operations; and the hiring of additional Border Patrol agents to meet the department’s goal of employing 18,000 agents.

    {The rest of the spin is here at} DHS End-of-Year Accomplishments
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