DHS Chief Mayorkas: No Border Wall Because Illegal Border Crossings are “One of Our Proudest Traditions”

By Leisa Audette | Sep 26, 2021

During an appearance on Fox News Sunday with host Chris Wallace, DHS Chief Alejandro Mayorkas admitted to Chris Wallace that the number of illegals released into the US could be 12,000 or “higher.” Everyone knows the number is much, much higher. What about the illegals they didn’t apprehend at the border?

He also said illegals from Haiti have not been subjected to COVID testing or a COVID vaccine. This insanity is happening as Americans are forced to be vaccinated and show proof of a COVID vaccination.

Secretary Mayorkas also said the Biden Administration
opposes a border wall because people crossing illegally is “one of our proudest traditions. This is the most disgraceful comment because crossing our border is ILLEGAL, and it’s his job to keep the border secure.

Jewish Deplorable

Mayorkas says Biden administration opposes the wall because people crossing illegally is “one of our proudest traditions”


9:22 AM · Sep 26, 2021

The DHS Secretary was asked about the lie pushed by Joe Biden that border patrol agents were whipping illegals
Mayorkas tries his best to pivot from the issue he and Biden created:

The invasion at America’s southern border continues…when is enough, enough? Are you FED Up yet?