DHS Chief Mayorkas Says Building Border Wall, Limiting Asylum is “Violence to Our Fundamental Values” (VIDEO)

Cristina Laila
Dec. 6, 2023 8:31 pm

Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Chief Alejandro Mayorkas on Wednesday said securing the border and limiting asylum is “violence to our fundamental values.”

12,000 illegal aliens flooded over the border in the last 24 hours in the
highest single-day total ever recorded.

Bill Melugin reported from Lukeville, Arizona on Wednesday and showed a massive line of illegals at the border. Most of the illegals are military-aged single men from around the world including Africa and Syria.

Bill Melugin

A live look at the situation in Lukeville, AZ this morning, as record high illegal crossings surge along the southern border. Here - masses of adult men from around the globe are crossing - expecting to be released into the US. A group of Syrian men just crossed here as well.


A human smuggler brazenly stood on US soil as he helped illegal aliens rush through a hole in the border wall in Lukeville, Arizona while Border Patrol agents did absolutely nothing to stop the invasion.

Bill Melugin

NEW: Our cameras were rolling in Lukeville, AZ as groups of illegal immigrants rushed through a breach in the border wall as Border Patrol & federal contractors were trying to fix it. Their human smuggler then shrugs at our cameras & salutes us. Cuts/breaches all over wall here.


More than 10 million illegal aliens have invaded the US since Joe Biden was installed in January 2021.

Instead of securing the border, DHS Chief Mayorkas is busy warning Border Patrol agents
not to misgender illegal aliens.

Mayorkas told CNN on Wednesday that securing the border is “violence to our fundamental values.”

Instead of impeaching Mayorkas, Republicans in Congress spent the last several weeks working to expel GOP Rep. George Santos.


RNC Research

Alejandro Mayorkas says building a border wall, increasing the number of Border Patrol agents, limiting asylum, and narrowing Biden’s power to parole illegal immigrants is “violence to our fundamental values”