Disgusting: Democrat Massachusetts Governor Plans to House Illegals at Former Veterans’ Shelter

By Margaret Flavin
Apr. 2, 2024 11:40 am

Democratic Massachusetts Gov. Maura Healey announced last week that the historic Chelsea Soldiers’ Home, which formerly housed veterans, will be converted into a site for 100 illegal families and pregnant women.

The site is currently vacant and was set for demolition.

While veterans in the state continue to face homelessness, Healey is putting illegals ahead of those who have served our nation.
Chelsea Soldiers’ Home website shares that while in operation, veterans paid between $10-30 dollars a day to live at the facility.

Illegals, however, will be housed entirely on the taxpayer’s dime.

Fox News reports:

Secretary of Veterans Services Dr. Jon Santiago
told The Boston Herald that the new migrant facility would not impact veteran services.

“Massachusetts has proven that we can take care of veterans and families experiencing homelessness in our state,” he said.

The Veterans Home at Chelsea will become a “safety-net site” for migrants where, beginning May 1, they will have to prove they are working to wean off government assistance by applying for work authorizations, learning English and searching for permanent residency.

Massachusetts resident George Belmonte said on social media, “I can’t believe the Chelsea Soldiers’ Home, which is for the Vets, is going to [be] used for the immigrants overflow. How about taking care of the homeless vets first? I am all for helping people but how about taking care of those already here and homeless.”


BOSTON INUNDATED WITH MIGRANTS The Solution: Turn Chelsea Soldiers Home facility is into migrant shelter !!! And ask residents to house them too??!!. There were 545 homeless Vets in Massachusetts on a single night in 2023. The state's shelters reached capacity in…

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8:33 AM · Apr 1, 2024


The Boston Chelsea soldiers home, served veterans! Now it will serve illegal immigrants! What a slap in the face to American Veterans. The Soldiers' Home provided a crucial service for veterans in need of long-term care, and it was recognized as a national leader in this…

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Massachusetts Democratic Governor Maura Healey announced last week that the historic Boston Chelsea Soldiers' Home would be converted into a facility to house 100 migrant families, including pregnant women.

They wonder why no one wants to serve under this administration!

10:10 AM · Apr 2, 2024

Conservative Dude
Apr 2, 2024


Why do Democrats love criminals more than our own military?

Citizen Free Press

Illegal Aliens receive 7x times more cash benefits than military families.


They’re also moving them into the Chelsea Soldiers Home in Boston where at least 2 Vets have been on the waiting list for months. Their Democrat mayor said the place was vacant and scheduled to be demolished. If thats true, someone should let the vets waiting to get in know.…

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8:42 AM · Apr 2, 2024