Lou Dobbs Tonight
Thursday July 3, 2008

Tonight, we’ll have the latest details on the release of
hostages held by a rebel group in Colombia. (Wasn’t that
conveniently timed to Sen. John McCain’s visit there?) And
we’ll have all the latest news from the campaign trail and
around the nation. Plus:

* Are tomatoes to blame for the Salmonella outbreak in this
country, or is something else causing the illnesses? We’ll have
the latest on the overpaid and incompetent Food and Drug

* The economy is in shambles, but the Bush administration
continues to ignore the situation. The Labor Department
reported today that economy lost jobs for the sixth straight
month. Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson was on stage promising
sunnier times ahead. But what do struggling Americans do NOW?

* The Bureau of Land Management has reversed its stubborn and
misguided decision to halt solar energy development on public
land. Maybe someone in our broken government realized that
middle class Americans are reeling from sky-high gas and
electricity prices.

* This Independence Day weekend we renew efforts to demand all
U.S. flags flying over government buildings be made in the USA.
Sadly, this country imported nearly $5 million of U.S. flags
last year, mostly from communist China. US Rep. Bruce Braley
has introduced a bill requiring that the federal government buy
only 100 percent U.S.-made flags.

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Today, Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty joins us to talk about why
the Republicans should be the party of Sam’s Club, not the
country club. Maj. James Eubanks will discuss his book, “The
Edge of Sovereignty.