Bent Maserya
August, 2013

I am Egyptian. Muslim Brotherhood are only 5 percent of the 90 million Egyptians. They have stated that they [will] rule the country, or they will burn it. They are closely in relation to El Qaeda . They have raised el Qaeda flag in the squares of Egypt, and they also raised el Qaeda flag on an orthodox church. They are a group of terrorists terrorizing the Egyptian people in the streets by shooting them with heavy weapons. They have burned 80 churches all over Egypt. They also burned governmental utilities.

How could such a gang of terrorists rule our country ... they are a bloody gang. Please don't judge our military and police [for] fighting them; we have delegated them to fight terrorism. They have killed today 24 officers. Why is your President supporting such a bloody group? We want to have a civilized, democratic country. The Western media are twisting the truth. They are very pro-Muslim Brotherhood, especially CNN and BBC. I have lots of videos showing the truth, and I will post [them] here.

[ED.: I have attempted to pair each video with the appropriate caption. However, if a caption does not refer to the video above it, try the video below it.]

The Muslim Brotherhood "violent acts" happening in Egypt so far.
The MBs shoot civilians in their homes from the top of a bridge in Cairo.
MBs shoot civilians in the area of "Ben Essarayat" in Cairo.
Mohamed Morsi supporters beat up an army officer on one of Cairo bridges.
watch how the MBs violate women in Egypt.
watch how the MB deal with Egyptian women and the security officer's reaction.
MB scandal: they're shooting gun-shells on the protestors.
MB raids agains police and citizens in Alexandria.
MB drag a protestor in the streets.
thugs shooting gun-shells on security forces.
scandal and a catastrophe: evidence of the MB's use of weapons.
the MB use of weapons.
filming the crackdown of Rabaa's sit up from the plane,
and showing the MB use of weapons.
a clear video showing a tank thrown from 6th October bridge.
police officers and civilians preventing MBs endeavouring
to overtake a police station at Azbakeya.
police stations set ablaze.
the MBs burning up their tents and possessions right before the sit up crackdown.
one of the MB leaders: "we will fill the streets with blood."
the dragging and killing of a taxi driver by Morsi's supporters.
a scandal on TV.
5 scenes end the myth of the MB peaceful protests.
a very offensive video showing the attack on police officers
by MBs in a police station in Kerdassa. PS: it is very violent.

These are only few pictures and videos of what is happening in Egypt:

This is a snapshot of the violence carried out by the MBs against our security forces.
Burning a church in Sohag, Aug. 14, 2013.
List of churches in Egypt [burned by] Muslim Brotherhood.
The burning of St Mary Church in Patma.
St Tadros Church burnt up in Minya.
Bani Mazar's evangelical church burnt.
the burning of 20 churches in Egypt.
Beau lak church burnt.
St George Church at Fayoum burnt.
burning of churches and Christians' shops.

Commentary Magazine: Why Do[es the] Muslim Brotherhood Attack Churches?

Christianity Today: Why they attack churches.
Aug. 15, 2013: Fox's Ralph Peters: Obama Administration
"Just [Doesn't] Care About Dead Christians" [killed by the MB]
MB supporters raising Al-Qaeda flag.
MB raises Al-Qaeda flag on top of the national security police.
(May 2, 2012 - Morsi was still in power).
Al-Qaeda flag in MB demonstration (August 16, 2013).
the Sit-in in Rabaa announced that they want to exchange the
Egyptian flag [for the] Al-Qaeda flag.
Al-Qaeda flag raised on a church in Sohag.
"Masked" [Anonymous] have knowledge [of] "Al-Qaeda" distribut[ing] large quantities of weapons in the field of Ramses.
Al-Qaeda flag raised by MB demonstrator while killing
2 peaceful young men (violent scenes video).
Al-Qaeda flag raised in a funeral of 4 terrorists in Sinai