EXCLUSIVE: Game Camera Shows Mexican Cartel Drug Smugglers Evade Capture in Texas

by RANDY CLARK 9 Sep 2021

On Wednesday, a drug smuggling event was captured on a surveillance camera south of Eagle Pass, Texas, according to a source within Customs and Border Protection. No agents were nearby to intercept. Agents assigned to a processing center attempted to respond from more than 20 miles away, but were unsuccessful.

The responding agents, according to the source, located footprints indicating the group of narcotics smugglers was six people. A game camera image shows one of the six carrying a large, square-shaped pack on his back—strongly suggesting the incident involves cartel smugglers due to the shape of the packaging.

Most migrants carry belongings, clothing, and essentials along their way north. The packs usually are small and vary in shape. The square shape, however, suggests illicit cargo was carried, according to the source.

The CBP source adds that a second group of migrants was encountered in the area close to the scene of the game camera incident. Those migrants were mostly adult males and females. Due to the heat, the few agents able to respond to the narcotics smuggling event were forced to redirect and render aid to the other group for humanitarian reasons.

The CBP source says that distraction groups are commonly sent to give cover for drug smugglers. The time it takes to secure the group of regular migrants can mean the difference between losing a drug delivery, the source explained.