EXCLUSIVE: ICE Plans Large Migrant Group Release into West Texas Despite CDC Rule

by RANDY CLARK 12 Feb 2021

Law enforcement sources are reporting the suspension of scheduled ICE removal flights to Haiti. The move will force Border Patrol agents to reprocess more than 100 Haitian migrants, allowing them to claim asylum and qualify for immediate release in the meantime.

Nearly two hundred migrants recently entered the United States illegally near Del Rio, Texas, in two large groups. Most are still detained and await return to their home counties under the CDC pandemic rules.

Although the CDC Title 42 authority has yet to be revoked by the Biden Administration, it appears it is being ignored here.

Border Patrol recently received instructions to re-process and release the migrants into the local community. Unless ICE reverses course, many will be released to local shelters to wait for transportation away from the border.

The move may ease the cramping detention situation at local Border Patrol Stations, as sources report they are already feeling the strain of increased illegal activity on the border. Agents will now begin the process of creating asylum case files for each migrant. The administrative burden typically means a crunch in manpower for enforcement activities at the actual border.

Not everyone is critiquing the development. One Del Rio-based commercial transportation company says it is fully prepared to meet the needs of the nearly 200 migrants that will be released over the next few days. They increased their fleet capacity in recent years to absorb large migrant group releases.

“We’re ready to go,” one long-term employee told Breitbart Texas.

DHS/ICE has not responded to a request for information regarding the suspension of flights under the CDC Title 42 authority.