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    Exclusive Update: Democrat Judge Who Blocked $15,000 Donation to Texas Border Law Enf

    Exclusive Update: Democrat Judge Who Blocked $15,000 Donation to Texas Border Law Enforcement Apologizes and Releases Funds After Scathing Rebuke by Border Cleanup Organizer (Video)

    By Margaret Flavin
    Sep. 27, 2023 11:40 am

    John Rourke

    The Gateway Pundit reported that Democrat Judge Eddie Trevino Jr. tabled the distribution of donations raised for a police department located in Brownsville, Texas following a cleanup of the border town.

    The funds were raised by John Rourke, the owner of Blue Line Moving, and founder of We Fund The Blue Foundation and the Great American Cleanup.

    We Fund The Blue Foundation and the Great American Cleanup help clean up the mess left by illegals in border towns. The organization also provides disaster relief to areas across the country impacted by natural and man-made disasters.

    Following a clean up, the nonprofit raises funds to support, honor and recognize the local law enforcement community.

    Following their work in Brownsville, We Fund the Blue donated $15,000 to Precinct 1 in Texas to honor the officers who spent two days, alongside other volunteers, in the heat and hazardous conditions to clean up Joe Biden’s border mess.

    Before funds can be accepted by the department, however, the distribution must be approved by the Board of County Commissioners.

    Texas Judge Eddie Trevino Jr. turned this generous gesture into a partisan issue by moving to table the distribution of the funds and attacking the motives of the organization and the officers who generously donated their time.

    Constable Esquivel appeared before the board to request approval and shared that the funds would be used to obtain additional equipment and other necessities for his department.

    Rather than celebrate the hard work of officers cleaning up HIS border area, Trevino Jr. was combative and politically divisive, attacking We Fund The Blue Foundation’s donation as “political” and moved to table the distribution.

    Rourke recently spoke before the County Commissioners and had harsh words for the disgusting and disrespectful way Constable Esquivel was treaded by Judge Trevino:

    Thank you for having me on. The reason why I am joining this conversation is because I just kinda wanted to clear the air about the Great American Cleanup and what we do and why we do it.

    This is my fourth clean-up, Brownsville, Texas. The previous three being in inner-city Baltimore where we picked up 26 tons of trash off the streets of inner city Baltimore, the Easterwood District, 20 blocks. Two gentlemen overdosed. We saved their lives with Narcan on the streets of Baltimore.

    Eagle Pass, Del Rio, Texas…both of those cleanups. Cleaned up tons and tons of trash, donated $10,000 to the Val Verde County Sheriff’s Department and the Maverick County Sheriff’s Department. Both Democrat sheriffs…then Brownsville, Texas where we were able to raise $15,000 and donate it straight to Precinct 1. Constable Esquivel did an an amazing job out there and we collected 21,240 pounds of trash down by the old golf course, Fort Brown, area there.

    So the reason why I am here, honestly, is to stand up for the Constable. This is a man where we have our political leaders, at this time, always wanting more from the police. Wanting more community policing. More police officers doing the right thing, being involved in their community and giving back.

    And this is exactly what this officer did.

    He was out there with his officers, 107 degree weather, two days in a row picking up 21,240 pounds of trash. And I believe that is what every law enforcement agency should look to do when trying to get involved with their community.

    And frankly, what happened the last time he stood in front of the Commissioner’s Court was disrespectful.

    The way that you spoke to that officer wasn’t becoming of a County Judge…and I think he deserves an apology. He was spoken to like he was a criminal. He should have been congratulated. And this goes for all the Commissioners that were sitting next to you. None of them butted in and none of them interrupted and said, ‘Hey wait a minute, maybe we should try thanking him for what he did’ regardless of if you believe it is a political cleanup or whatever it was, that doesn’t mean anything.

    The facts are the facts. We cleaned up tons and tons, 10.6 tons of trash. I know you said you wanted this to be done…’Why didn’t you do a beach clean up?’

    Because the way America works is I’ll clean up where I want to clean up. That’s how it works here, okay? If I want to clean up a beach, I’ll go clean up a beach. But this wasn’t a beach clean up Judge.

    This was a border clean up. And for good reason I am sure you’re aware of. I’m not sure of any other beaches that exist where we are going to pick up 10.6 tons of trash.

    So I demand an apology to the Constable. I think the way you acted was unprofessional and we shouldn’t do that to our elected officials. We should stand up for police officers that do the right thing.

    And this is a police officer that does the right thing time and time again and he deserves respect and that’s all I have to say.

    Watch John’s powerful message to Judge Trevino and the entire Board below:

    Video at link.

    Ultimately, Trevino Jr. apologized and the funds were released.

    Constable Esquivel has an extensive list of equipment and

    Before I take up the motion, Constable, I want to take this moment to, ah…and I hope people are paying attention because you don’t see enough of this, and when I make a mistake I’ll own up to it.

    If I was disrespectful to you, and short, which it appears I was, I’m going to apologize to you. I think the questions I asked were needed and necessary considering it was a contribution being made to the county. And the fact that other law enforcement entities at the local level weren’t invited or weren’t aware of it…

    But that’s no reason for me to have been short or curt with you, so hopefully some people will learn that when they make a mistake, they can admit to it. All of us. You and I included.

    Watch Judge Trevino below:

    Video at link.

    Following his remarks, the motion to distribute the funds was carried.

    Constable Esquivel will now be able to purchase necessities for his department as well as supplies that will enhance the department’s work in the community.

    In a statement to The Gateway Pundit, Rourke shared, “We have a lot of judges today letting their bias affect the rule of law, and it has to end. We see this happen time and time again, from election fraud to the weaponizing of the justice system against President Trump. We cannot allow it to happen, and I hope my actions will encourage people to stand up for themselves or someone else when they have been wrongly treated because of their beliefs.”

    You can support We Fund The Blue and Operation Border Clean Up here!

    You can also sign up to get involved in the next opportunity to volunteer and clean up a city near you.

    Rourke is on Rumble and Instagram, where he hosts a podcast and shares incredible footage from the southern border.

    TGP’s Jordan Conradson interviewed John in August.

    Join our efforts to Secure America's Borders and End Illegal Immigration by Joining ALIPAC's E-Mail Alerts network (CLICK HERE)

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    That Judge should be disbarred and forced to clean up the mountains of trash and feces these feral animals have left all over our border!


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