Exit Polls: 5-in-6 Voters Say Closed Borders Are Vital to Slowing Chinese Coronavirus

by JOHN BINDER 17 Nov 2020

The reforms President Trump has implemented, largely closing the United States’ borders to international travel and legal immigration restrictions, are vital to slowing the spread of the Chinese coronavirus, an overwhelming majority of presidential election votes say.

In response to the coronavirus crisis, Trump implemented travel bans on China, Europe, Iran, and Brazil and imposed the Centers for Disease Control’s (CDC) Title 42 that has ensured a slow decline of illegal immigration at the U.S.-Mexico border and allowed federal immigration officials to quickly deport border crossers at a record pace.

Zogby Analytics exit polling conducted after the November 3 election — with more than 1,550 voters half of which voted for Democrat Joe Biden and the other half who voted for Trump — shows massive support for keeping the closed border policies in place.

Overall, 5-in-6 voters said they agree that “limiting cross-border traffic and restricting the admission of international travelers is important to help slow the spread” of the coronavirus. Only 13 percent of voters said they disagree that the policies do not help.

Those who support the policies implemented by Trump include 80 percent of Democrats, 92 percent of Republicans, 76 percent of swing voters, 85 percent of white Americans, 80 percent of Hispanic Americans, and 78 percent of black Americans.

Also, the exit polling found that voters by majorities across racial and party lines are eager to reduce immigration to the U.S. More than 3-in-4 voters said immigration, as Trump has done, should be cut back during high unemployment and, even after the pandemic is over, immigration levels should be decreased to lessen the job and wage burden on America’s working and middle class.

Every year, about 1.2 million foreign nationals are given green cards and admitted to the U.S. In addition, another roughly 1.4 million foreign nationals are awarded visas and hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens enter annually. The result is a boon for big business and Wall Street as the cost of labor is cut and new consumers are added to the American economy.