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Thread: Fact Check: Biden Claims ‘Unlawful Migration’ Dropped by 97 Percent

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    Fact Check: Biden Claims ‘Unlawful Migration’ Dropped by 97 Percent

    Fact Check: Biden Claims ‘Unlawful Migration’ Dropped by 97 Percent

    by NEIL MUNRO 7 Feb 2023

    CLAIM: President Joe Biden claimed to have cut “unlawful” migration by 97 percent.

    VERDICT: Mostly False

    Joe Biden used his State of the Union speech to claim he has gotten the U.S. border back under control, saying, “Since we launched our new border plan last month, unlawful migration from Cuba, Haiti, Nicaragua, and Venezuela has come down 97 percent.”

    Biden’s narrow focus on just four countries in one month obscures his larger record of encouraging massive illegal migration through a variety of quasi-legal loopholes and programs.

    The claimed reduction for the four countries ignores the many other national populations that Biden is allowing easy access into the United States, where they are given “parole” or unfettered access to U.S. jobs while they maintain years-long requests for asylum.

    The claim also ignores Biden’s creation of a hidden “parole pathway” that is importing at least 50,000 economic migrants per month into the jobs needed by Americans who have seen their wages and opportunities decline for many years. That pipeline includes 30,000 people from the four countries.

    That massive pipeline alone — without any of the waived-through illegals — can boost the delivery of job-seeking migrants into the United States by at least 60 percent above the roughly one million set by Congress in 1990.

    Overall, Biden’s doorways are adding almost one migrant for every American who turns 18 each year, or almost three times the level set by Congress’s laws in 1990.

    That Biden-engineered inflation of the labor supply will help investors and Wall Street by cutting market wages for Americans and by driving up the market price of the housing needed by young Americans and American families.

    The Los Angeles Times described on February 5 how one Cuban was whisked through the new parole pipeline into the U.S. job market:

    HAVANA —
    In barely a week, 25-year-old engineer Marcos Marzo went from riding his small electric motorcycle past the low buildings of Havana’s Vedado district to traveling the mega-highways of Florida, amazed by the towering high-rises and giant supermarkets.

    A close relative told Marzo on Jan. 21 that he had applied online to sponsor the young engineer’s trip to Florida as required by the new parole program for Cuban migrants set up by the Biden administration.

    The next day the sponsorship had been confirmed and the day after that it was approved.

    With his printed authorization in hand and a small blue suitcase, Marzo climbed aboard a plane to Hialeah, Fla., last Friday, shaken by the speed of it all.

    Meanwhile, 20 Republican state officials are arguing in court that Biden’s parole pipeline is illegal.

    The reality of migration-imposed wage cuts on Americans is fully recognized by investors and deeply unpopular among voters. For example, by 50 percent to 22 percent of Americans agree companies “should raise wages and try harder to recruit Americans even if it causes the prices of their products to rise,” according to a July 2022 poll by
    Join our efforts to Secure America's Borders and End Illegal Immigration by Joining ALIPAC's E-Mail Alerts network (CLICK HERE)

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    Biden is a pathological LIAR and has been for 50 years in government office. There is not ONE thing he has done or voted on for the good or benefit of the American people or this country.

    These "migrants" are flooding into Mexico from all over the planet to get on the bogus BPOne app to make appointments to get in.

    There will be a massive backup like an exploding toilet and Mexico is suffering massive damage from these locusts flocking here due to Biden's FAILED policies. They are damaging towns, demanding free stuff, defecating all over the streets, in the woods, in the lakes and rivers and throwing their trash every step of the way. There is nowhere to house them, feed them, and no medical care. Send them home!

    They are reporting it stinks to high heaven in the streets, and Mexico is sick of it too. Well, I got news for you Mexico, WE do not want them. And you will eventually pay the price for it. We are sick of your corruption and your crap!

    He is a complete idiot who exacerbates problems and then make YOU pay to clean up his mess taking billions our of our wallets.

    Shut this down! They apply from home and can never step foot on our soil without prior approval, vetting, medical exam and pay their way.



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