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    Hire an illegal - he gets killed on the pay..shame on you for hiring an illegal from Ecuador. Employer should lose business lic. and do some time. take away the incentive to hire, propably covered be insurance anyway chump change.
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    This makes me sick but not because.......

    Well reading this makes me sick but not because I don't feel sorry for these accidents but where are the rewards to Americans killed by speeding police?

    "Waukegan will pay $2M death award"

    Alright recently there was an accident involving a woman picking up her son about 1:00 A.M in the morning from her ex husband; close to where I live. We happen to know the first responder at the scene.

    As told to my husband he said the woman had picked up her son at 1:00 A.M from her ex husband because she had to work late that night. She was on her way home when she made a left turn just over a rise of a hill to get to the street that leads to her home. This turn since its just over the hill is dangerous; most people don't pass here for obvious reasons etc. It is also a highway.

    Just so happened a new police officer in his mere twenties was traveling over 110 - 120 miles an hour coming over that rise on the hill. He was not on call and just hot dogging it.

    Needless to say he stuck her car so hard it was sent flying off the road crushing it and killing her instantly. Our friend tells us it took two hours to get her lifeless body out of the crushed car and that the impact had knocked out the entire transmission from the car. The boy lived only because he was ejected threw the front windshield 150 feet away. He was lucky. The police car tumbled off the road and rolled a few times into a ditch.

    At that time the officer was asked by the first responders what happened and he told him he was driving fast and didn't see them. Well the next day in the paper it says he was responding to a call and the women had turned in front of him nothing was mentioned about the extravagant speed he was doing.

    Nothing was paid out to this family and the truth was hidden. The first responder told us they lied about how it happened and made it sound like it was her fault. That she turned in front of the cop car causing the accident. But the scene told another story.

    Regardless; as I know it it is unlawful to pursue at such extreme speeds and this was not in hot pursuit of anything but a respond to a call; so they claimed later.

    Nothing was told to this family; nothing was paid to them regardless of the fact that the young officer was excessively speeding which ended in the death of a mother and almost a child. She left behind I think three kids.

    Don't ask me why this person didn't blow the whistle on this; or anyone else there at that time with him. I don't have the answers.

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