Here's a Thanksgiving SOB story. I expect there will be more.

Family of immigration detainees praying for Thanksgiving miracle
The Record
Tuesday November 22, 2011, 11:44 PM

PATERSON — Yossi Valle said her family is planning to make enough roast pork and other dishes to include her two younger brothers at the table on Thanksgiving Day— even though it seems unlikely they will make it.

Michell and Yasser Valle, who are 28 and 27, respectively, have been locked up for months in an Immigration and Customs Enforcement detention facility, doing everything possible to stay in the United States and avoid deportation to their native Peru.

The Valles were detained within the past year after their mother lost her right to stay in the United States, forcing them to lose theirs, said Eric Mark, an immigration attorney who is representing the brothers pro bono.

They have virtually exhausted the normal appeals process. But Mark said the Valle brothers, who legally immigrated with their mother when they were 6 and 5, now have another option that was not available until June: “prosecutorial discretion,