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Thread: Family of Slain Border Patrol Agent Looks Forward to Trump

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    Family of Slain Border Patrol Agent Looks Forward to Trump

    by BOB PRICE
    15 Dec 2016

    The family of slain Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry is looking forward to getting answers about the murder of their family member as President-Elect Donald Trump prepares to take office.

    Agent Terry was murdered by a group of Mexican bandits on December 15, 2010. Weapons supplied through the Obama Administration’s Fast and Furious gunrunning program were found at the scene of his murder.

    President-Elect Trump met with members of the Terry family during his presidential campaign in May. “He told us how sorry he was about Brian’s senseless death,” Agent Terry’s brother Kent said in an exclusive interview with Breitbart Texas at the time. “Mr. Trump said it was shameful on this administration for starting a scandal like this and shameful for what they’re doing about it.”

    The scandal revolves around two of the guns found at the scene of Agent Terry’s December 2010 murder in southern Arizona. Terry was on patrol with members of his team searching for Mexican “rip-crews” that come into the U.S. from Mexico to steal drug shipments or rob illegal aliens. When his team found the rip-crew a gun battle ensued and Brian Terry was mortally wounded. He later died from his wounds.

    “Mr. Trump is very sincere about this country and the way it is heading,” Kent continued. “He also is very sincere about Brian’s death. Yes, he promised us if he becomes president, he will open the books on Fast and Furious. He has my vote!”

    Many members of the Terry family live in the battleground state of Michigan which Mr. Trump carried by a narrow margin of 0.3 percent. With Trump’s election and his impending inauguration, the family is now hopeful they may finally get some answers as to who, in our government, is responsible for these weapons ending up at the sight of Agent Terry’s murder.

    “It has been six years since my brother’s murder,” Kent told Breitbart Texas this week. “My family has been through Hell in getting accountability and answers for Brian’s senseless death by illegals armed by the Obama administration.”

    “I am disgusted the way the ATF (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives) handled their agents who were responsible for letting more than 4,000 AK_47s cross purposely into the hands of known criminals to push their personal agenda,” Kent stated.

    Brian Terry’s older sister, Michelle Terry Balogh, echoed her brother’s hope for the future. “The Trump Administration is our only hope to seek the justice that Brian so well deserves,” Michelle told Breitbart Texas on the anniversary of Agent Terry’s murder. “It has been a long six years and our family still has an open wound as we seek truth and justice.”

    “We hope the Trump Administration helps our family to make this open battle wound a scar,” Michelle added. “We want to focus on honoring Brian’s living legacy through the families foundation in his name and continue to give back as Brian has.”

    The foundation Michelle refers to is the Brian Terry Foundation. The foundation was established shortly after Agent Terry’s murder to help keep the focus on getting to the truth about his death and to help the family members of other Border Patrol agents who have been killed in the line of duty.

    Brian Terry’s third sibling, Kelly Terry-Willis, also expressed hope for answers from the incoming President’s administration. “My family finally has a glimmer of hope for the truth to be exposed now that Mr. Trump will be taking office,” Kelly told Breitbart Texas on Thursday. “We have waited six years for some type of closure, but most importantly–justice for Brian.”

    “Obama has denied Fast and Furious was even a scandal,” Kelly explained. “Trump has already recognized this failed operation and has promised that my family will get the answers we deserve.”

    “To clarify,” she continued, “my family doesn’t just fight for Brian. We fight for all Border Patrol agents and law enforcement. We want to make some type of a difference so the administration cannot even think to start another senseless and fatal operation right under the American people’s noses. Trump will help with just that.”

    Kent Terry said he is not just upset with President Obama’s team. He says the Congress has let his family down as well. He told Breitbart Texas his family is very upset with the U.S. Representatives and Senators that promised answers and failed to deliver on those promises. “Why, I ask. Why?” Kent asked. “They (Congress) had enough time to do so and they haven’t delivered.”

    “We have two federal agents, Brian Terry, and ICE Agent Jaime Zapata, along with hundreds, if not thousands of Mexican civilians who have lost their lives because of the Obama Administration’s stupid decisions,” Kent Terry stated. “What do I have to do? Stand in Washington DC holding up a sign to get accountability and justice?”

    “Mr. Trump has promised to open the books into Fast & Furious and when he told me that in person I finally saw hope,” Kent said. Kent said he has reached out repeatedly to the officers of Representatives Jason Chaffetz and Trey Gowdy. “We got nothing in retrun,” Kent said, expressing his deep sense of frustration. “They appear to have moved on, but my family will not move on. The only media that has been pushing for answers is Breitbart and Sean Hannity.”

    Kent said that former Attorney General Eric Holder and other government officials may have moved on, “but they will have to answer to God for what they have done.”

    “RIP Brian,” Kent concluded.

    Supporters of Brian Terry’s family took to social media today to tell them Brian is not forgotten.

    Wayne J. Phillips posted on Facebook, ”6 years ago today, he was murdered defending our borders. His life and sacrifice will not be forgotten. Thoughts and prayers are with the Brian Terry family today.”

    Brian’s mother, Josephine Terry responded to Phillip’s post expressing her thanks. “Thank you so much for remembering Brian Terry,” she wrote.

    Phillips responded:

    Mrs. Terry, you can take pride in the friend and person your son was. He was loved by all of us that knew him for what he stood for and how he defended his friends, citizens, and this nation. You raised a fine young man (as you did Michelle, Kent, and Kelly). As you grieve and miss him…..know that we do as well. But that we were blessed to be able to call him our friend too… are in our thoughts and prayers. Thank you for sharing your son with us and his service!

    One of Agent Terry’s classmates posted, “To this day of all the classmates I have lost, his death hurt the most Brian was a good man and deserved so much better.”

    Connie De La Osa posted, “Thank you Brian for Protecting and Defending Our Country, you may not be with us here on earth, but you are in the Hearts, of your family, friends, Loved ones and those that never had the Honor to meet you like myself. I will do all I can to keep your memory alive…”

    On this, the sixth anniversary of Brian Terry’s death, singer-songwriter Bret Michaels posted his own video message of thanks to Agent Terry.

    (please click on source link to view video)

    Finally, Alicia Vogelzang added this tribute to Brian Terry and message of support to his family.

    Author’s Note: I have never met Brian Terry, but over the past 6 years, I have come to know his family well. They are as “all-American” a family as you can imaging any Midwestern family to be. Many of his friends have described Brian as an iconic “Superman” type. Nothing could be further from the truth from what I have learned. I have met Border Patrol agents in the field who carry Brian’s “fallen agent” card and who know every fact on that card. I have also met other agents in the Tucson Sector who knew Brian personally and spoke of him with respect and honor. Brian’s family deserves answers as to the facts surrounding his murder. My conversations with all of them tells me they truly have hope that President Trump will deliver those answers.
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