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    FL: Identifying homicide victims sometimes a challenge

    Identifying homicide victims sometimes a challenge
    Posted August 14, 2009 at 8:15 p.m.

    Dead or alive, verifying a person’s true identity is not easy.

    Such was the case of last weekend’s killing of a 22-year-old Bonita Springs man.

    The Lee County Sheriff’s Office originally identified the body found in a driveway as Andres Pedro Juan.

    A day later, after a family member recognized the picture, detectives discovered his real name was Gregorio Diego.

    Fact or fiction, identifying victims is one more hurdle for law enforcement.

    “People who are trying to obscure their identity can take longer,
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    What about identifying the perpatrators? If they are illegals, we don't even have a name, last known residence, date of birth, fingerprints, description... You put my name in the police computer and you see everything that's been collected on me since I started driving, and back then they collected a 10 finger print not just a thumb scan.

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    All this information and statistics available and yet we still have members of the Supreme Court who don't think their action of using another person's name is a criminal action...
    Illegal aliens remain exempt from American laws, while they DEMAND American rights...

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