Police Search for Alleged Child Rapist
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November 18, 2009 5:46 PM
Al Pefley
The search is on in Boynton Beach for a man police desperately want to find.

They say he's a danger to the community, especially to children.

He's accused of disgusting crimes against children, committing them over and over again for the past three years.

Police Detective Alfred Martinez is focused on finding a man who has given him the slip since early November.

22 year old Margarito Andres of Boynton Beach.

"This individual is becoming a monster within himself. And he could potentially end up raping or sexually battering another child," said Det. Alfred Martinez with the Boynton Beach Police Department.

Andres, he says, has done some disgusting crimes, raping two little girls over and over.

"He basically had them scared for their lives and uh, they felt as if they couldn't say anything to anybody. Because he was gonna kill them," Det. Martinez said.

Police say Andres is wanted on charges of child sexual battery for repeatedly raping two little girls from Boynton Beach, ages 13 and 11.

One of them, the older girl, was raped more than 40 times.

She says Andres starting having sex with her when she was 10.

Earlier this month, the older girl finally couldn't take any more abuse and told a counselor at her middle school what Andres has been doing to her.

"I think that she's thinking hey, you know what? If I don't say something about it, nobody else is," Det. Martinez said.

Police say since the girl told her counselor at school on November 6, Andres has vanished.

Boynton Beach Police are doing everything they can to find him.

"I would pretty much enjoy catching him because this guy's a menace to society in general and he's already done it in the past, there's chances he's gonna do it again," said Det. Martinez.

Andres is an undocumented illegal alien from Guatemala, who does landscaping and day labor jobs. He is in the U.S. illegally.

Police want to make it clear that if some other undocumented immigrant comes forward with a tip about where they can find Andres, they have no reason to fear that they will be deported.

They can remain anonymous and police say they will not contact federal authorities if an undocumented person helps them find Andres. Contact Det. Martinez at (561) 436-4770.

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