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    FL: Suspect in 2008 fatal shooting back in Pasco

    Suspect in 2008 fatal shooting back in Pasco

    Published: March 12, 2011

    TAMPA - Four months after his arrest in Mexico, a suspect in the fatal shooting of a Land O' Lakes woman in 2008 has been transported to Pasco County.

    Justo Arthuro Moreno-Gonzalez, 49, was booked into the Pasco County Jail late Friday on a first-degree murder charge, records show.

    He is accused of shooting Diane Yeager-Lombard, 51, who was found dead on her front porch May 4, 2008.

    Investigators said the slaying happened the day before. A neighbor heard gunshots, spotted a truck racing up the street and saw Yeager-Lombard on the porch soon after but thought she was sunbathing.

    Just a few days before, Yeager-Lombard had flagged down a sheriff's deputy, saying she was concerned about a Verizon subcontractor who she had been friendly with but who got angry when she rebuffed his romantic overtures.

    The man later was identified as Moreno-Gonzalez, described by authorities as an illegal immigrant from Mexico.

    Moreno-Gonzalez didn't return to work after the slaying and wasn't seen at his last known address in Auburndale.

    Detectives said his pickup was found abandoned in a border town in Texas; physical evidence from the truck placed Moreno-Gonzalez at the slaying scene.

    A Pasco grand jury indicted Moreno-Gonzalez weeks after the shooting.

    In 2009, authorities confirmed he was in Mexico, although he wasn't arrested until November.

    Mexican investigators tracked Moreno-Gonzalez to a small town in Mexico where he was working as a soda vendor, authorities said.

    Prosecutors agreed not to seek the death penalty in order for Mexican authorities to release Moreno-Gonzalez to the United States.
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    Once again Verizon pops up as the employer of illegals. This has occurred a few times too many to be just a coincidence.

    May 2007:
    Aug. 2008:

    Now we read the US had to agree to not seek the death penalty for the murder of a Fl woman. Why should we have to house a prisoner for maybe a lifetime to see justice served? If Messico won't give up their murdering citizens, THEY should be footing the bill for their murderer! Better yet: charge Messico for their upkeep and then sentence the b*tard to hard labor![/url]

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    the problem is that the mexican government does not believe in the death penalty and will not allow their people to be sent back to america to face charged in a state with the death penalty until that state guarantees their citizen will not face death.

    something about this needs to change

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