Flames Consume Alleged Human Smuggler’s Vehicle Filled with Migrants near Border in Texas

by ILDEFONSO ORTIZ 30 Nov 2023

A vehicle used by a human smuggler to move several migrants who had just crossed into Texas went up in flames during a high-speed chase. The vehicle did not crash but instead caught fire as the smuggler pushed the engine past 100 miles an hour for too long, authorities said.

The incident took place on Thursday morning in Kinney County, Texas, when authorities tried to stop a driver suspected of taking part in a human smuggling incident, information shared with Breitbart Texas by the Kinney County Sheriff’s Office revealed.

During the chase, the driver sped away, leading sheriff’s deputies in a high-speed pursuit. According to Kinney County officials, the chase went over 100 miles per hour, causing the engine to overheat and catch on fire. When the driver stopped, the flames spread to a nearby grassy area. Soon, flames consumed the entire vehicle

Kinney County Sheriff's Office

A fiery end to an illegal human-smuggling attempt after a high-speed pursuit on RR 674. Deputies say the driver tried to put the hammer down, with speeds over 100 miles per hour. But it was too much for his vehicle's engine, as it erupted in flames.

This sort of thing can spread quickly, fed by the fuel tank, and gasoline in the various lines leading to the engine. Then, dry grass catches fire too, causing a tremendous mess and hazard. Luckily no injuries were reported.

The driver and 3 passengers were initially able to escape into the brush during the confusion. 3 others were immediately apprehended. They say the driver was smuggling all of them into the US, illegally. Deputies were able to corral 2 more of the illegal aliens shortly thereafter. The driver and 1 other remain on the loose.

The driver and at least six passengers who are suspected of being in the country illegally tried to run away. Authorities were able to apprehend some of the migrants. The search for the suspected human smuggler and two more migrants continues.

U.S. Congressman Chip Roy (R-TX) shared photographs of the vehicle in flames adding that border security remains one of his top issues.

Chip Roy

Fiery end to 100+mph human smuggling chase in Kinney County this morning. Driver remains on the loose. I’m not backing off border security.

12:30 PM · Nov 30, 2023

The fiery chase comes just days after a similar incident took place in Kinney County when a driver from Illinois tried to smuggle five migrants, including a seven-year-old boy. That smuggling attempt turned into another high-speed chase that ended when the vehicle crashed into one of the gates of Laughlin Air Force Base. A Texas DPS spokesman shared a video of the chase and subsequent arrest.

Chris Olivarez

WATCH: An Illinois driver led @TxDPS Troopers on a high-speed chase on US 277 in Kinney County. During the chase, the driver reached speeds of 100mph & crashed into a barrier at the Laughlin Air Force Base. Troopers arrested the driver & 5 illegal immigrants, including a

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3:42 PM · Nov 29, 2023

Earlier this month, eight people died when a suspected human smuggler crashed head-on into an oncoming vehicle and burst into flames. The alleged smuggler, five migrants, and two innocent civilians died in the devastating crash that ended a police pursuit, Breitbart Texas reported.