Florida joins multi-state lawsuit to stop Biden administration from sponsoring travel of illegal aliens


February 01, 2022

Florida joined a multi-state lawsuit targeting the Biden administration and its reinstatement of an Obama-era initiative that bypasses federal law by allowing illegal immigrants to enter and remain in the country.

The Political Insider reported that the multi-state coalition led by Texas includes Indiana, Missouri, Montana, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Alaska. These states are seeking an injunction against the Biden administration for its reinstatement of the Central America Minors Program which had been halted by the Trump administration in 2017.

The lawsuit's announcement came after the attorneys general from 12 states participated in a summit on the country's southern border in McAllen, Texas. Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton hosted the event.

Florida Attorney General Ashely Moody attended the Texas summit and discussed the ongoing immigration crisis with law enforcement and immigration officials.

After attending the summit and meeting with officials, Moody said, "After seeing the chaos in person, it is even more clear to me now that Biden and [Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro] Mayorkas are building their own illegal organization to transport illegal immigrants into and around our country — thumbing their noses at federal laws."

"I will not only work aggressively to stop these illegal acts," she continued, "but I will continue to inform Floridians about what their federal government is actually doing, and the dangers associated with those decisions."

Texas and Florida have previously collaborated on matters of border security through Texas' 2021 "Operation Lone Star." With Operation Lone Star, Gov. Abbott issued a declaration of disaster covering 48 Texas countries – the majority of which are near the border with Mexico.

Regarding the multi-state litigation effort, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis expressed gratitude for Attorney General Moody's efforts to help "block the reckless immigration policies of the Biden administration."

"The Biden administration continues to disregard the laws of this country and allow massive numbers of illegal aliens across the border, without regard to possible criminal backgrounds or connections to illicit activity," DeSantis stated, "Not only are these illegal aliens allowed free reign in this country, but the administration also pushes the burden and costs onto the sates and ignores the consequences of its policies."

The seemingly perpetual immigration crisis is an issue that affects the entire country. In recent years, synthetic opioids have poured across the southern border, contributing to an increasing rate of fentanyl overdoses throughout the country.

The federal government sponsors illegal immigrants and enables them to travel deep into the country, and it frequently prevents immigration officials from enforcing immigration laws. Since the summer of 2021, the federal government has sent over 70 flights filled with illegal immigrants into the state of Florida, according to the office of Gov. Ron DeSantis.

DeSantis made it clear that Florida does not want the issues occurring in Texas' border communities "imported into the state of Florida." He and the leadership of the other states joining Texas' lawsuit are hoping to put an end to the clandestine immigration policies propagated by the Biden administration.

Florida joins multi-state lawsuit to stop Biden administration from sponsoring travel of illegal aliens - TheBlaze